5 essential ways to stay motivated and productive when working from home

Work and productivity have always been a matter of concern, study, and discussion across the globe. Every employee has a unique style of staying motivated and productive and to be honest, it is extremely subjective. What is productive for one can be a ‘normal’ work routine for someone else. Productivity has to be mapped at different times and using different parameters. Counting productive hours is different than the actual number of hours someone puts in at work. This debate for productivity is endless.

There are several techniques that are helpful to stay productive at work. Right from switching off your personal phones to not having access to social media in the workplace, organizations across the globe have tried several ways to ensure that employees are productive. The invention of the classic workspace cubicle is also for the same. The employees can minimize contact with their peers while working and this can help in reducing workplace distractions. At least that is what was believed until the last decade. The arrival of startups and the millennial generation into the workplace has changed this severely. The cubicles are no longer the standard and more open, aesthetically pleasing workspaces are designed. The moral of the story- productivity doesn’t have a secret magic potion and heavily depends on an individual’s personal choices, the support employees receive from the managers, and the trust they have in the organization they work for.

All said and done, the year 2020 was a major blow to the conventional means of workplace operations. With employees being forced to work from home due to the global lockdowns, the traditional ways to upkeep employee productivity (or so they were perceived) no longer work.

Employees work from their homes, in their personal space, with kids, family, or company around. And there’s honestly very little that organizations can do in the conventional sense to curb the distractions while working.

Now the ball is truly in the employees’ court and they have to reinvent ways to stay productive while working from home.

If you are someone who is working from home and is looking to stay motivated and productive while you work from home, here are 5 essential ways that you can do so.

5 essential ways to stay motivated and productive when working from home:

  1. Create a workspace

It might be difficult for people living in small spaces or homes, but it is critical. Creating a workspace, even as small as a desk and a chair can immensely add to your productivity. If you have additional space at hand, make it merry by decorating it a little. Add a plant, posters, or prints of your favorite quotes, keep a jug of water and a cup of coffee to sip. Basically, make the place inviting enough for you to wake from your bed and get started for work.

And no matter what happens, do not work from the bed!

      2. Try the Pomodoro technique

This one has been a motivation and productivity enhancer ever since it was invented. The Pomodoro technique involves working for a set period of say 30 minutes at a stretch, then taking a break for 1 minute. After 5 such sets of work with a one-minute break, take a longer break. It really helps to stay interested.

In your break, try and avoid looking at the screen. Take a small walk, listen to a song or gaze at nature, make it a break from screens in the true sense.

      3. Connect to your peers

Working from home impacts the inter-team relationships as well as interpersonal skills. People miss the human connection by and large and not having to see the teammates as often as before, not having those conversations over coffee and those fun team lunches can lead to disengagement. To avoid this, stay in touch with your team. Have regular calls and video meets instead of conversing over emails. Make use of your team communication tool to get in touch with your team.

     4. Have the updated resources

Not having the right business resources at hand could lead to work errors, ultimately leading to demotivated employees. When working from home, make sure you communicate with your peers as well as your managers and have a consistent flow of business resources coming in at all times. Using the same communication tool for sharing resources quickly can further help in avoiding long response cycles and documentation getting lost in the piles of files.

     5. Make time for yourself

Working from home has also resulted in overworked employees since it is difficult to draw a line between personal and professional life. No matter what happens, avoid burnout, and have strict personal deadlines to cut from work. Learn a new skill or a hobby, workout, or read a book, but make sure you are charged up for the next day with a fresh mind.

Closing lines…

Remote working looks like it is here to stay. With these essential tips, staying motivated and productive while working from home is possible, if not easy!

Author Bio-

Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion & Oneteam. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web-based startups.

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