Alexa Can Now Teach You About Dinosaurs, Science & History

Amazon has taken Alexa for an outing to London’s Natural History Museum and, much like Short Circuit‘s Johnny 5, has had plenty of input. From today, Alexa-enabled devices in the UK – including Echo speakers, Fire tablets and Fire TV streamers – will be able to answer many more questions about land animals, the ocean and environmental change. In fact, you don’t even need one of Amazon’s gadgets: just install the Alexa app on your phone.

Some of the questions you can ask are the same as those you’ll find on the museum’s website in the Quick Questions hub, such as “Alexa, why is the sea salty?” and “Alexa, how do oysters make pearls?”.

The collaboration also means Alexa knows more about dinosaurs from the museum’s research. You can say “Alexa, give me a dinosaur fact”. If you – or your kids – think you’re already a bit of a whizz on the creatures, you can instead say “Alexa, quiz me on dinosaurs”.

Similarly, you can ask for quizzes on space, planet Earth, oceans and environmental change.


Here are just some of the new things you can now say to Alexa:

Quizzes and Fact of the Day

“Alexa, what’s my Natural History Museum fact of the day?”“Alexa, quiz me on dinosaurs/environmental change/space/oceans/planet Earth”Land animals

“Alexa, what is the longest snake in the world?”“Alexa, why do camels have humps?”“Alexa, where are king cobras found?”“Alexa, do all goats faint?”“Alexa, where are murder hornets found?”Oceans

“Alexa, how deep is the ocean?”“Alexa, why is the sea salty?”“Alexa, what is a coral reef?”“Alexa, how deep can a whale dive?”“Alexa, what is the life cycle of a jellyfish?”“Alexa, how much slime can a hagfish make?”Environmental change

“Alexa, what is a carbon footprint?”“Alexa, will all weather be affected by climate change?”“Alexa, how will climate change affect humans?”“Alexa, what is global warming?”

Of course, Alexa knows a lot more that this: just try asking a question and see what she says. If you’re looking for laughs, here are 100+ funny things to say to Alexa.

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