All Echo Studio owners are getting a great free upgrade

All Echo Studio owners are getting a great free upgrade

Amazon may not be releasing a new generation of its high-fidelity Echo Studio speaker, but current owners are in for some new audio software upgrades that will be rolled out for no additional cost.

The highlight feature is the new spatial audio processing technology, which is designed to improve stereo sound and create a more immersive audio experience. Amazon claims that this mimics a hi-fi stereo system, so vocals are more present in the centre, and instruments are more defined on the sides.

This should result in clearer and more colourful music, as well as a more cinematic experience for films and TV series.

In addition, Amazon is also adding frequency range extension technology, which should boost performance levels, improve mid-range clarity and deepen the bass tones.

But that is not all – Amazon is also releasing a Glacier White colour option of the Echo Studio. Like the black version, it costs $199.99.

Pre-orders for the white Echo Studio open today, and speakers will ship from next month. Amazon also unveiled a raft of other new products, including the Amazon Kindle Scribe, the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube and the new Halo Rise sleep tracker.

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