application letter to the police station lost my voter id card


I am writing to you to request the lost my voter id card. In the state of Texas, we require all citizens over 18 years of age to register to vote and maintain a valid voter registration form at all times. Since this is such an essential part of our democracy, every citizen must be able to exercise their right to vote without any difficulty or delay. Therefore, I would like for you, as a police officer at [insert station], to help me obtain another copy of my Texas driver’s license/ID card, which was lost but still in good standing with the state’s department of transportation.

application letter to the police station lost my voter id card
application letter to the police station lost my voter id card

This station has helped many people recover their lost items before; I’m sure it won’t be difficult for them to do so again!


Applicant’s Name and Address

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Address of Applicant: 123 Main Street, Anytown, AL 12345-6234

Name of Applicant: John Doe

Applicant must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident who is at least 18 years of age and not a convicted felon. If you are under 18 years old, you may still apply for an IDNYC card if you have written consent from your parent or legal guardian, who must present state-issued identification.*


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to you to inform you that I lost my voter id card. I have lived in the locality for 20 years and have never missed voting. This year, when I went to cast my vote on April 23rd, 2019, I realized that my voter id was missing from my bag. Since then I have been looking for it but could not find it. The Election Commission has asked me to apply for a duplicate voter id before June 30th so that I can vote again in the next election.


Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you that I have lost my voter id card. This is a severe problem for me, and I need your help in getting it back as soon as possible. The last time I used my voter id card was when I went to cast my vote in the previous elections. Since then, I haven’t used it at all and kept it safely at home until the next election season arrived.

However, yesterday while cleaning up my room, I accidentally threw this vital document and other useless documents into a trash can outside of our house! It was an act of carelessness on my part, but it was done nonetheless, so now, please help me get back my lost voter id card as quickly as possible so that I may be able to participate in future polls again.

Sincerely yours

Dear Sir,

Dear Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my father. His voter’s identity card (VIDC) was lost in the floods of 2013 in Uttar Pradesh. Since then, he can’t vote because it is a must for every Indian citizen above the age of 18 years to produce the VIDC at polling stations before casting their votes. Since then, he has been striving hard but without any success to get his voter’s certificate made again as per law, but no one is helping him out due to which we are in a big problem now regarding our family’s future and social status since we belong to backward caste community living in a remote area of India where there is no job opportunity for us except agriculture-based work which everyone cannot do as everyone has their own specialization in life like doctors, engineers etc., so how would they survive if their fundamental rights such as voting are denied?

application letter to the police station lost my voter id card

Dear Officer,

As you can see, my name is Jane Smith, and I am a city resident. It has been one week now since I lost my voter ID card. The problem started when I voted in the election on June 20th last year. The polling station was crowded, and there were long queues outside. As it took me more than an hour just to get inside, I lost my patience and left without casting my vote. Now that we have another election coming up soon (August 7th), I would like to apply for a duplicate copy of my voter ID card.


Dear sir/madam,

I am writing this note to bring to your notice a matter regarding losing my voter ID card. The incident occurred on January 12th 2017, in the afternoon. I returned home from the office when I lost my voter ID card at the bus stand. I am attaching a copy of the complaint lodged with the police station for your reference. Please investigate in to the issue and take the necessary steps as per law so that my voter ID card can be restored as soon as possible without further delay.

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