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On June 1, GameSpot began hosting Play For All–a celebration of all things gaming. We asked that you join us as we bring you the summer’s hottest news, previews, interviews, features, and videos, as well as raise money for COVID-19 relief with the help of our friends from around the gaming world. But we’re also taking this opportunity to state our support for the recent protests that have popped up across the US in response to the continued police brutality against black people.

To that end, GameSpot would like to highlight black creators in our industry, whether they specialize in writing video essays, producing hard-hitting articles, or hosting good podcasts. Below, we’ve listed the work of notable black creators–regardless of whether or not they work at GameSpot. We hope you’ll take a few moments to read and watch them and maybe gain a new perspective into your favorite video games. And keep checking this page, as we’ll continue to update it with more voices over the coming days and weeks.

Projects By Black Creators About The Black ExperienceLong Reads Borderlands 3’s Lovecraft DLC Hand-Waves Major Issues With The Author’s Work (Jordan Ramée, GameSpot)Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has Afro Twists, And I Love ‘Em (Jordan Ramée, GameSpot)Far Cry 5’s New American Setting Made Me Feel Like An Outsider (Alessandro Fillari, GameSpot)She Dreams Elsewhere is The First Game That Feels Made Specifically for Me (Cameron Hawkins, Dualshockers)Finally, I Can Be Me In Animal Crossing–But I’m Exhausted (Funké Joseph, GameSpot)Where Are Our Black Gaming Journalists? (Jeffrey Rousseau, USGamer)The Trouble Portraying Blackness In Video Games (Evan Narcisse, Kotaku)9 Black Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Shows (Malcolm Venable, TV Guide)Marvel And DC Stars Reflect On Their Black Superhero Roles (Keisha Hatchett, TV Guide)Cheo Hodari Coker Reflects on Luke Cage’s Legacy (Malcolm Venable, TV Guide)Black Creators Are Hopeful for a Future Where Black Superheroes Aren’t “Niche” (Malcolm Venable, TV Guide)Treachery In Beatdown City Review (Funké Joseph, GameSpot)Black Work Matters (Mike Williams, USGamer)Videos/Podcasts

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