Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid Evaluate: Expensive for Simply Ground Cleansing

Eufy, a brand known for outstanding robot vacuums like the RoboVac 30C, offers a robot vacuum that both sweeps and mops hard floors in the RoboVac G10 Hybrid. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant via the EufyHome app (for Android and iOS). After weeks of using the G10, here’s the dirt in our full review.

Design & Build

The G10 Hybrid looks slick. Its glossy, black tempered glass finish keeps it scratch-free which is especially useful if you have pets. While the G10 isn’t incredibly light at 2.5kg, it does have a low 7.2cm profile, allowing it to slide under couches, beds and other hard to clean areas.

The low height limits the size of the dust container (to 0.5L) however, which slots into base of the G10. I emptied the tank after every two to three uses. Unfortunately, the EufyHome app (more on this below) that operates the G10 doesn’t provide a status update on the fullness of the tank, so you’ll have to check this manually. This is the norm, mind.

For mopping, there’s a separate water tank attachment that fits under the dust tank. The mopping tank has a removable towel that Velcroes into place (this is what wipes the floors). You can conveniently toss it in the washing machine whenever needed.

Eufy categorically advises against using the mopping feature unsupervised though, which might disappoint those who want to mop while away during the day. I didn’t challenge the advice so can’t speak for the consequences (who knows what you’d come home to – a spill? A gremlin?).

Cleaning performance

Okay, the main question: how well does it clean?

The honest answer: not bad. That might underwhelm anyone spending nearly £300 for this device, but what you pay for is the advantage of automated light cleaning as often as you want. There’s no denying this reduces how much time you would spend vacuuming manually otherwise.

The G10 offers two suction strengths, Standard and Max. I preferred Max for a more thorough clean but that does make it louder.

Floors are the G10’s strength – and this is key – it’s only intended for hard floors, though Eufy doesn’t quite explain why. Its site says “we have engineered this RoboVac to specialize in cleaning hard floors only” without much reason. Okay. That said, the G10 picks up dust and debris easily. The two spinning brushes at the front scoop up particles and propel them towards the suction point. I left the G10 loose in our kitchen and it hoovered up most loose crumbs and bits without effort.

It’s easy to find the G10 endearing (we call it Eufy in my flat, short for Euphendron, of course). It whirs around with the enthusiasm of a small child, bumps into walls, gets caught in cables and then needs help to untangle itself. The G10 does come with cable ties, though, if you’re like me, you’ll probably just push the cables out of reach when running the device. Not everyone has time tie and untie cables around the home every day, but it probably helps if you can.

As for mopping, it will clean light stains and small wet spills but you will need to give the G10 time to rove and eventually reach the mess. There are manual controls via the app, but it’s a bit of a faff to use. Given the device is round (like most), the G10 struggles in corners too. Again, this makes the G10 better suited for day-to-day, light cleaning. 

Yes, the G10 is for hard floors only but most homes, like the flat I’m in, will have rugs and/or carpets. The G10 isn’t smart enough to detect and avoid a rug, it so it will vacuum over one anyway. You just won’t get a satisfying result.

G10 Go Home

Sometimes the G10 announces it has finished cleaning and returns to its base station – except it gets lost along the way or struggles mount. I had to help it along like a dutiful but tutting parent. Eufy recommends keeping the space around the base clear, which helped, but my G10 still took time to find its home.

The G10 get distracted sometimes, often puttering off to the next room, disoriented from bumping into a chair leg. My advice is leave it in a room and close the door so it covers the area thoroughly. The G10 can detect drops, however, and never once missed the stairs in my flat.

Connectivity & Battery Life

To use the G10 you will need to install the EufyHome app. It was easy to add the device and add other members to the household. However, while cleaning, there were a few times when the vacuum went offline on the app, despite being charged and powered on. I had to turn the device off and on again each time this happened.

The G10 has an excellent battery life which you can see on the app. It’s never stopped mid-way through a clean. 

The EufyHome app lets you control the cleaning intensity, enable spot cleaning, schedule and locate the device if it’s crawled off under a couch or bed. It also tells you the condition of the various components like the brushes and battery so you can replace or charge as needed.

The G10 comes with replacements, which is handy.

The app connects the G10 to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. While I don’t own a smart speaker, I tried pairing the G10 via EufyHome to Google Home on my phone and was only pinged back and forth between the two apps. Needless to say, I still can’t activate the G10 with voice control. 

This smart feature isn’t necessary for most though. It only take a second to fire up the G10 from your phone.

Price & Availability

The G10 is available directly from Eufy in both the UK and US for £299.99/US$299.99, which makes it slightly more expensive iLife A7 which works on both hard floors and carpets, but doesn’t mop.

The G10 is also available on Amazon for the same price (now with a £40 off voucher in the UK). 

See our chart of the best robot vacuum cleaners.


The G10 is good for light day-to-day cleaning and mopping – though Eufy advises not to use the mopping function without supervision. Scheduling features allow you to set it loose when you’re away, which means you can come back to a tidy flat. However, you will have to be careful about loose items like cables.

The G10 takes its time to rove, and can sometimes leave a room before full cleaning is complete, but flaws aside, its efforts are sure to reduce manual cleaning. It won’t completely replace your regular vacuum, though.

While the G10 offers smart connectivity options, I found it fiddly to set up. You’re better off activating the G10 directly from the EufyHome app.

At £299/$299 it is a steep price for a robot vac that only cleans hard floors. You might be better off paying slightly more for an option that cleans both floors and carpets. 


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