Future 2 Presage Secrets and techniques Information: All Scan Objects For The Figments Of An Reply Triumph

The brand new Presage Unique mission in Future 2 sends you to a derelict Cabal ship to uncover what occurred to its crew–and a fellow Guardian. There are a lot of secrets and techniques hidden within the mission, together with some tidbits that may reveal its story and unlock a Triumph referred to as Figments of an Reply. To earn it, you may want to search out and scan 5 totally different particular objects hidden within the mission.

As a result of the Glykon, the ship the place Presage takes place, is so twisting and large, it may be very simple to overlook the 5 objects you are on the lookout for and the story that goes with them. We have marked down the whole lot it’s good to discover on the Glykon to unlock Figments of an Reply and get your first look deeper into Future 2’s unusual new mission.

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How To Earn The Figments Of An Reply Triumph

This is the place to search out every scannable object hidden within the Glykon through the Presage mission. These things will not be accessible till your second run by way of the mission, so preserve that in thoughts.

Object 1: Cabal Our bodies

These Cabal, discovered wrapped in purple vines, are within the first room once you enter the Glykon correct.

Progress by way of the ship till you make it to the swap that opens the door to the loading ramp the place you first spawned in on the Glykon. Throwing the swap unlocks the door that leads into the ship correct. As quickly as you undergo, you may be confronted with some bizarre plantlife. Within the middle of the room, you may see a number of Cabal our bodies have been grabbed by the vines and suspended within the air. Scan them on your first trace at what is going on on on this place.

Object 2: Scorn Helmets

You will discover these helmets simply forward of the primary electrical barrier you encounter. They’re simple to overlook, particularly if you happen to’re utilizing the spores to dash by way of the Darkness-sealed doorway they’re mendacity beside.

Proceed ahead till you hit a room with a pair of huge electrical obstacles splitting it aside. You will begin on one facet of this room and enter a narrower hallway with the intention to attain a swap. To get to the opposite facet, you may want to leap a niche, then use spores to run by way of a sealed Darkness doorway. Earlier than you try this, nonetheless, soar throughout and verify to the correct of the sealed door to search out two Scorn helmets mendacity on the ground beside the trail ahead.

Object 3: The Guardian’s Leap Ship

You will discover this ship within the again nook of the hangar after you battle two Darkmind Abominations. Scan it earlier than you make your manner again out across the fringe of the ship.

After you full the part with the trash compactor, you may drop right into a battle with some Scorn enemies and see the Locus of Communion for the primary time. Preserve shifting till you enter the ship’s hangar for a giant battle with two Abomination Majors. Clear the room and head towards the again left nook, the place you may exit out the large hangar opening and return out into area. Earlier than you do, scan the ship proper subsequent to the exit. It belongs to the Guardian you are looking for, and it is outfitted with some Season of Opulence gear.

Object 4: Darkish Ether Canisters

These canisters are mendacity in a nook subsequent to one of many switches it’s good to hit in a room that includes one other electrical barrier.

Earlier than for much longer, you may hit one other room with {an electrical} barrier, however this one can be above you. You will unlock a door exposing an influence conduit that allows you to interrupt the barrier briefly so you may cross by way of it. On the opposite facet, flip left to discover a facet room with a swap clearing the trail again to the far facet of the barrier. To the correct of the swap are some canisters with a light-weight blue liquid inside, your fourth piece of proof.

Object 5: Calus’s Message

After defeating the boss, exit the boiler room and proceed till you blow a gap in a air flow shaft and drop down. Do a 180 and climb over the sq. piece of equipment to discover a message from Calus hidden behind it.

The fifth and closing scannable object seems after your boss battle with the Locus of Communion. Defeat it and go away the boiler room by way of the newly opened door. Proceed till you may blow open a gap within the ground and drop down right into a air flow shaft lit in pink. As a substitute of continuous down the clear path, flip the opposite manner and jump over the low pile of junk to get to an open area on the opposite facet, the place you may discover a little bit hologram of Calus’s face. Scan it for one final tidbit of information about what occurred aboard the Glykon.

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