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Microsoft has changed its strategy with regards to Windows 10X.

The software was originally only going to be available on dual-screen devices, including the company’s upcoming Surface Neo. However, it reversed that decision in May, citing the need for flexibility during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. 

Of course, this means Windows 10X will now available to lots more people when it is released. Here are four Windows 10X features that are likely to come to Windows 10 in the near future. 

Redesigned Start Menu

The new, slick Start Menu was never going to be an exclusive to Windows 10X. Its redesign has been in the works for many months, and offers updated icons and refinements to live tiles. 

It’s not clear whether it will arrive in Windows 10’s November 2020 update, although it’s arrival may coincide with the Surface Neo’s release. According to ZDNet and CNBC, it’s been delayed until 2021.

Check out our guide to the new Windows 10 Start Menu. 

Improvements to multitasking

Windows 10X has been specifically designed with dual-screen devices in mind, so it perhaps goes without saying that it will be great for multi-tasking. 

Official Microsoft previews suggested some potential use cases for dual screens, although it’s not entirely clear how this would translate to regular PCs and laptops.

Faster updates

The hassle of updating your PC or laptop is one of the main reasons so many devices are not running the latest version of Windows 10. 

Windows 10X has an emphasis on the cloud, and as such should be able to install updates much faster. 

Feature updates could even be downloaded in as little as 90 seconds, taking a lot of the strain out of updating your device.

Win32 container support

Among the most significant advantages of Windows 10X is its support for Win32 containers. This allows devices to natively run any 32-bit Windows app. 

While most PCs now run on 64-bit, 32-bit was once the gold standard for computer applications, so there’s plenty of classic programs that use the format. 

Even modern apps of Chrome, Photoshop, iTunes and Microsoft Office programs can still run at 32-bit, so there’s plenty of potential value here. 

Read more about the new software in our guide to Windows 10X. 

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