How to split an audio track online with LALAL.AI

Although audio tracks are made of lots of separate parts, once they are mixed together into a single file you have one blend of sound. You might need just one or two parts of that mix but how do you split an audio track into different parts?

Well, this can easily be done with LALAL.AI and you don’t even need to download and install any software. This online tool can extract vocals from a track as well as other accompaniments, including a range of instruments. This includes drums, bass, electric guitar, piano and more.

This means you can do all sorts of otherwise impossible tasks like create an instrumental track, create an acapella version of a song, make a karaoke track, remove drums from a song and more.

This is thanks to LALAL.AI’s sophisticated algorithm built around artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematical optimisation, and digital signal processing. And this can be done from almost any audio file or even video files as well, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, MP4 and AAC.

What was once a 2-stem splitter for vocals and instrumental, transformed into the world’s first 8-stem splitter and is now even more refined with the latest state-of-the-art audio source separation technology, dubbed Phoenix, making it the best vocal separation quality on the market available in no less than eight languages.

LALAL.AI’s unique technology means you can extract parts of audio without quality loss, with results available quickly and then conveniently emailed to you.  

As well as audio splitting, LALAL.AI can clean up audio tracks with its Voice Cleaner tool, which can remove background music, mic rumble, vocal plosives and other unwanted artifacts.

You can try LALAL.AI for free with the starter pack which gives you 10 minutes (enough to split a five-minute track into two) then there are Lite and Plus packs for a one-time fee offering 90 and 300 minutes respectively.

These paid-for plans with a one-time fee also get you 2GB file limits instead of 50MB, fast processing queue, batch upload, and stem download. Need more minutes? LALAL.AI has high volume packs starting at 1,000 minutes.

For Tech Advisor readers, we have a special offer available until 16th December so use the code ‘LALALTA’ to get the Plus pack for just $22.

So, let’s learn how to split an audio track with LALAL.AI.

OmniSale – Lalal.ai

Open your web browser and head to lalal.ai.

OmniSale – Lalal.ai

2. Click the Select Files button.

OmniSale – Lalal.ai

3. Choose your audio or video file from your computer and click open. Then wait for the file to be uploaded and processed.

4. Now your previews are ready you can see how each separated track sounds before final processing. Hit play/pause to start and stop the audio or click on the waveform to skip to a particular part. You can also change the stem separation type on the left and create new previews.

OmniSale – Lalal.ai

5. If you are unhappy with the splitting, you can click back and choose a different processing level. The default is ‘Normal’ but you can also try ‘Mild’ and ‘Aggressive’ if they better suit your project.

6. When you’re ready, click Process the Entire File.

OmniSale – Lalal.ai

7. Once the processing is complete, you can click Download to get your files.  

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