How to watch Sky Sports Box Office on Now, TV and online

If you want to tune into the biggest boxing matches, then there is a high chance that you’ll need to sign up for Sky Sports Box Office – Sky’s pay-per-view service. This is not included in the price of a Sky Sports or Now subscription, and the cost will vary depending on the event. 

Whilst there aren’t any big fights coming up at the time of writing, we have rounded up the general advice for watching Sky Sports Box Office on your TV, smart device and PC, and how to pay for it.  

You can also check out how to watch other premium sports channels such as DAZN and ESPN+ in the UK.  

How to buy an event on Sky Sports Box Office 

At the time of writing, no upcoming fights are scheduled for Sky Sports Box Office, so signing up isn’t possible. However, these are the steps you would take when an event is scheduled: 

Create a login on the Sky Sports Box Office website (you must be over the age of 18) Select the event you want to watch Unless you want to watch via Virgin or Sky, choose where you will be watching the event – if you specify the TV, you won’t be able to watch on PC and vice versa Complete your purchase 

Streaming the event will then depend on what device you have – we have more on this below. You can only watch one stream on one device per purchase.  

If you’re streaming a match via your Sky or Virgin TV package, you will need to purchase the event directly on your TV. Again, keep on reading for more information.  

The cost of the event varies each time. The last big fight – Joshua vs Usyk – cost £27. You can stream a match on-demand up to seven days after it first airs. 

How to watch a Sky Sports Box Office event on TV 

If you want to stream a fight on the big screen, then you will need to purchase the event through your Sky/Virgin TV package, or own a Now smart streaming stick or box and the Sky Sports Box Office app.  

For Sky, the event can be purchased on the website. For Virgin, it will be under the ‘Live Events’ tab on the ‘On Demand’ section of the homepage. 

If you want to watch a fight via a smart device, then this must be a Now smart stick, a Now Black Box or a Now Smart Box. 

Sadly, you can’t just download the app on other streaming sticks or boxes (like a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick), or on your smart TV. You also cannot sign in with a Sky Sports subscription, or a Now Sports subscription.  

Note that Now streaming devices are currently discontinued in the UK, so you’ll need to already own one for this method to work. If you’re in Ireland, you can purchase them here.  

Once you have downloaded the Sky Sports Box Office app for free on your Now device, you’ll need to sign into the account you bought the pass on.  

How to watch a Sky Sports Box Office event on PC or smartphone 

If you don’t have a Now streaming stick or box, then the next best thing is to sign into the Sky Sports Box Office browser page on your PC or laptop or download and sign into the app on your tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android).  

Casting and mirroring the event from your phone or PC isn’t possible, nor is connecting your device via HDMI. If you choose to buy the event for your phone/PC, this is the only device that you will be able to stream it on.  

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