New Spotify feature lets several people DJ at once

Spotify is releasing a new feature to its beta users called Group Sessions that lets several people control the queue of songs playing, letting everyone view, add to, play, pause or skip songs (via The Verge). 

The company didn’t give a timeline for the full launch to all users, but said when the feature is live it’ll only work with Premium subscribers. One person can start a group session and then let others physically scan a code with their devices to be added to the Session. Then, anyone with access can control the music in any way. The queue updates in real time as others edit it, and all Group Sessions are disbanded after an hour of inactivity.

There’s no reported limit to how many people can be added, but you won’t want it getting too hectic. It’s a good feature if you’re hosting a party and want to let others in on the DJ action without giving out your own phone to everyone.

In these times of isolating at home it might be a feature not many people get to use for a few months but once it’s safe and legal to go and party again, Group Sessions could prove a neat way to get everyone in on the celebrations while taking the pressure off one person’s playlist game.

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