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You can fry, grill, roast and bake using this appliance. It can be used in conjunction with an app that contains 200 air frying recipes. Its dimensions are 38.4 x 28.7 x 31.5cm and it can cook 800g of food at a time, which means you could cook enough for to make a side dish like chips for a small family. 

To find out more about air fryers, you can read our in-depth article but the short version is that they cook food quickly and evenly by circulating hot air. They produce much less odour than traditional frying methods and you can use only a tiny fraction of the oil you’d use when deep frying.

This Philips model has a temperature control of up to 200 degrees and a 30 minute timer. The removable drawer and food basket are dishwasher safe.

A hand blender is one of the most useful kitchen tools you can buy. The Tefal HB643140 Optichef Quartzite hand blender is on sale for £49.99, down from £69.99 – that’s over 28% off.

It has everything you’d want in an appliance of this kind. It’s 800 watt, which means it has a powerful motor, as well as 20 variable speeds for all types of mixing and blending, and a turbo button. It’s nicely designed, with a non-slip handle, non-splash blending and it comes with accessories.

As well as a handy blending beaker, it has two attachments. There’s a balloon whisk, so you can use your blender to whip air into eggs and cream and mix dry ingredients for baking. It also has a mini chopper attachment, for slicing veg, chopping nuts and making dressings and purees. 

Essentially, if you live alone or in a small household, this is a one-stop small appliance that’ll allow you to make smoothies and soups, mix ingredients for baking, whip up sauces and chop ingredients for salad.

Finally, we’ve picked out this Tefal induction hob, which is down from £79.99 to £55. That’s £24.99 off. This is a really great piece of kit that’s useful for camping and caravanning, garden cooking and would make a great alternative to a hot plate in a studio apartment or college accommodation.

As it’s induction, rather than electric, it’s much safer to use on the move. Its surface will only get warm from the heat of the pan, so it cools very quickly. 

It’s scratch-proof ceramic plate, suitable for use with pans from 10cm to 26cm, although bear in mind that you need to use induction-friendly cookware. (You can find out more about this and other aspects of induction hobs in our article on the subject.) 

It has an 180-minute timer (in one minute increments), a pause function and six automatic modes – low, simmer, boil, boost, stir-fry, and fry – as well as manual control. 

If you’re bargain hunting, we’ve got more information on Amazon’s summer sale and the best discounts available.

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