Peacock TV and its essential features

Peacock TV and its essential features

Peacock TV purely is an independent video streaming service and this particular service is not available on the subscription platform in the Amazon Prime. Peacock TV is one of the smart product and that makes some content free with the help of advertisement which has made it face permanent. Peacock TV is one of the excellent subscription streaming service that makes the only place to stream the hit series in the world. It is one of the free version that is available with limited selection of programs and here you have the option to pay the premium plan in order to unlock everything. Advertisement supported peacock premium that costs $5 per month and also it is one of the advertisement free week of premium plus plan which costs $10 per month.


Overview of peacock TV

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Peacock is one of the excellent streaming service that has been created by popular NBC universal with some of three subscription plans that includes free product, premium product, and premium plus product. The platform that offers a collection of movies, shows, original series along with a live news and sports telecast. The content can be viewed and telecasted on the on demand library through streaming channels that are broken with the help of franchise.


Features of peacock TV

Peacock TV is one of the most affordable streaming platform available in different states and it has multiple free plan in which you can still get access into the content. You can easily choose the free products in the peacock free plans and you can watch this particular streaming service with high quality. Peacock TV provides you one of the perfect blend of classic and it list the new arrival along with the exclusive content of the NBC channel it has also the excellent Paramount catalogue of the third party which includes more than 50 channels. The channels which includes sports, events, talking shows, news, shows for kids, thriller movies, Fun movies etc. It is filled with club of all-time favorite series that includes modern family, Harry Potter film, Yellowstone etc… and people will have a wonderful experience in this peacock TV. Peacock TV has been launched worldwide on July 15th, 2020 and you can easily subscribe peacock TV in the peacock website and which is one of the user friendly product.


Different plans in peacock TV

It has one of the special face that makes to standalone with the wide available of content and the entire people has the access to some content even if they are not paging the revenue generated would be by advertisement and it can be understand each briefly.

  • Peacock free

From the name itself it denotes that it is one of the free plan and its streams 7500 hours of content with advertisement in between it consists of a huge collection of movies, Sports channel, news, TV shows and it also includes some reality shows. This product which includes the entire Olympic coverage in this particular peacock free product.

  • Peacock premium

Peacock premium is the first paid plan which cost $5 per month and the same plan for the year would costs $49 which is one of the unlimited access to Peacock content under this plan. It has the content for about 20000 hours of TV shows, movies and premier league matches of football and shows like MBC Olympic coverage, late night shows and also this is filled with peacock original content in this premium pack.

  • Peacock premium Plus

Under this product you have the capability to stream the content without advertisement and it charges $9 per month and $99 for year you can easily avail this plan without advertisement. It is one of the excellent plan that has been located without any description that has been caused by the sudden outbreak of commercial and also you can get the most out of watching time which has also option of downloading shows in which you can watch them later. The peacock television application is available on smart TV, Apple TV, Amazon fire TV and Android TV that can be downloaded on Android mobile phones and IOS you can also download this product in Xbox, PlayStation 4 from test and flex devices.


Process to login to Peacock TV

Just go to Peacock TV.com in the web browser and at the top right of the page just click sign in and here you have to type your email address and password and then click sign in to enter into the device. You can also easily sign in peacock application on your Android and IOS device just tap to sign in the process with your email id and password you can easily sign in this product which is one of the excellent product and it is user friendly. You can easily enter into peacock tv.com website and you can easily subscribe this particular peacock free streaming service all over the world. Peacock is one of the unique channel among its competition because it is one of the free subscription device which includes the complete access to a small library. It has an amazing option with peacock free trial in which lot of people make use of this particular product.



The NBC channel which has an impressive show list which has the access to its content which keeps many people to be entertained always and it is filled with full coverage of Olympics and with different TV shows which is very much favorite to the app and also it is user friendly product. This particular plan is one of the popular product which is very simplistic interface and the free plan that ensures the measure audience which he gets to try what it has to offer. With a lot of competency the peacock TV which already has a strong hold in the market and it has been managed to create its own space and here more than 9 million subscribers are available most of the people subscribe for long term plan in this space and everyone feel very much happy while watching the content in the peacock television channel and it is one of the best streaming service which is available in the world. 

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