Save $200 when you create a home theater with the Epson EF-100 projector


The living room is fine for watching movies, but the weather is getting warmer, and ’tis the season for watching a family movie in the backyard by projecting it on the back wall of your home. That’s why portable projectors can be awesome — don’t want to watch in the backyard? Then carry the projector into the bedroom and enjoy a rom-com with your significant other from the comfort of the bed. Portable projectors let you take the entertainment anywhere. Right now, Epson’s EF-100 Laser Projector is $799, which is $200 off the regular price — matching the lowest price we’ve seen on this model. The price applies to both the white and black models.

The EF-100 relies on a three-chip laser projection system that’s notably brighter than alternative LED models, and in fact this Epson model outputs 2,000 lumens. That’s quite bright, and means it can hold its own against daylight; you’re not limited to using this projector only at night. Rather than including zoom or lens shift controls, the EF-100 features just an automatic picture alignment based on your wall geometry and can project images up to 150 inches.

The system comes with Android TV, which streams hundreds of channels and services, so there’s no need to add a Roku or other media player to this projector. In addition, it has an integrated speaker and Bluetooth support for throwing audio to another speaker system if you prefer.

CNET hasn’t reviewed this projector, but it has earned 4.6 stars out of 5 in Amazon reviews, with some very favorable comments about color, brightness and overall performance. All that said, it’s worth pointing out that the projector’s brightness is likely its most compelling feature; with a resolution of a meager 1,280×800 pixels, be prepared for a soft picture, especially if you make use of the full 150-inch projection size. 

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