Sky Stream is Sky Glass Without the Telly

Sky Stream is now simplest way to get Sky TV without a satellite dish. The new streaming box follows the Sky Glass TV and offers an alternative for those who want to keep their existing TV. 

The popular TV broadcaster continues to expand the number of ways customers can get Sky TV. Sky Stream essentially gives you the Sky Glass interface, but without having to buy a whole TV at the same time. You connect the new box to a spare HDMI input just like an Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. 

Like Sky Glass, the Stream box gets shows over Wi-Fi and means you don’t need a satellite dish on to the side of your house like Sky Q customers do. The biggest drawback is that there’s no option to record content to a hard drive as you can with Sky Q.  

To confuse things further, this is essentially the Sky Glass Puck, an add-on device which allows Sky Glass customers to get TV in another room. Except Sky Stream is a standalone product.


As well as being dinky and therefore easy to hide out of sight, Sky touts the ‘unbeatable price’ as one of the Sky Stream’s highlights.

It provides access to both Sky TV (over 120 channels) and Netflix for as little as £1 per day. 

Your two choices are a 31-day rolling plan from £29 per month you can cancel whenever or an 18-month contract at £26 per month. These both include Sky Ultimate TV and Netflix Basic but you can add on Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, UHD and Dolby Atmos (for extra cost, of course) depending on what you want from your package. 

And in case you missed it in that list, this means the Sky Stream is capable of Ultra HD (4K) quality, but you’ll have to pay an unspecified amount to unlock it, otherwise, you’ll have to settle for HD.

Sky says you need an internet download speed of at least 10Mbps to use the Sky Stream.

Furthermore, if you want Sky Streams in more than one room, you’ll need the Whole Home pack for an extra £12 per month. This means you can have up to five additional boxes to place around your home. 

If you’re tempted, note that there’s a cheeky setup fee of £39.95, reduced to £20 if you go for the 18-month contract option. It’s cheeky because there’s no need for an engineer to visit your home: the box is no more difficult to set up than a Fire TV Stick. 

The Sky Streams you’ve ordered online will be sent next-day delivery or you can buy them from a physical Sky Retail store. 


As mentioned earlier, this is part of the Sky Glass system so there’s no hard drive to store recordings. Instead, the UI allows you to create a personal ‘Playlist’ so if you see something you like, you hit ‘+’ and “it’ll be saved in the cloud for whenever you’re ready to watch.” 

You can also use the handy Restart feature (just as you can in BBC iPlayer) to watch a live show from the beginning even if you’re joining part-way through. 

The Sky Glass platform also does away with apps. There’s still support for the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer but all the content is all found in the same place. The voice remote is one of the ways to find content quickly. 

Like Sky Q, the Sky Stream gets Sky Go support. This is essentially the mobile version of Sky so you can take the experience wherever you go via your phone or tablet.

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