TechAdvisor.com launches its first non-English edition

In April 2021, Tech Advisor underwent the second biggest transformation in its history, having previously made the jump from the long-established PC Advisor brand back in 2017.

We migrated the site from a country-level domain (.co.uk) to a global domain (.com) and, at the time, I noted that this was because we were no longer catering only to English-language visitors residing in the UK, but English-language visitors from all over the world. 

It also tied in neatly with a period of transformation within our parent company, IDG Communications – now Foundry – in which we were making plans to centralise our Consumer Editorial teams operating within the US, UK, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Poland.

To our regular UK visitors, it’s doubtful that many changes would have been immediately obvious. We began introducing local pricing for the US, Canada and Australia in our Best Picks and Deals round-ups, though you would see these only if you were visiting from outside the UK. We also began covering more and more products that are available elsewhere in the world, and working with expert editors who are located outside the UK. Indeed, on the surface, it might have appeared to many that we were just making a big fuss about having changed our URL. (We weren’t, I promise!)

Fast-forward to June of this year and Tech Advisor underwent its third big transformation, as we migrated the site from our own homegrown content-management system to the popular WordPress platform. To the outside world the changes includes a new font, a more user-friendly navigation system and a generally spruced up design. But for us editorial folk it was a momentous change, as it meant we now had access to a centralised content hub, and a platform that would allow for new functionality that could be quickly rolled out thanks to shared development resources. 

One of those new functionalities is the ability to create new editions in other languages, as we continue to expand the global remit of the Tech Advisor brand. And this week we are welcoming our very first edition to Tech Advisor, as the team previously operating under Foundry’s PCWorld España brand join the fold.

PCWorld España has its own rich history, having made its first online appearance back in 1995, and our Spanish editorial team Alba Mora Antoja, Sara Piquer-Marti and Alfonso Casas has more than 30 years of editorial experience in the consumer tech space between them. From today, they will deliver their high-quality editorial content to all Spanish-language visitors via Tech Advisor instead. 

Don’t worry: you’re not about to start seeing Spanish-language content popping up in your news feed. Whether you see the English or Spanish edition will depend on where in the world you are located, but if you do want to take a look at our shiny new Spanish edition you can visit it directly at techadvisor.com/es-es or by selecting it from the Menu button at the top of the page.

Adding a Spanish edition is just the start of Tech Advisor’s global transformation. In early 2023 we will also be welcoming the team behind Tech Advisor France. Beyond that, the world is our oyster – and the future of Tech Advisor is very exciting indeed.

As ever with any big code change, you might see a few bugs on the site over the next few weeks. Please do reach out either to myself or to Tech Advisor’s Executive Editor Jim Martin with any niggles.

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