The Grand Tour Madagascar Special Release Date And How To Watch

The Grand Tour is now in its fourth season – but things are a little different this year. If you’d like to know more about this series – including the upcoming Madagascar special episode – then keep on reading.

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When is the Madagascar Special episode airing?

Whilst we don’t have a firm date on when the second episode in season 4 will be airing, the producer Andy Wilman stated that they’ve given the edited footage to Amazon, so it all depends on how quickly the product can be finished and distributed according to Digital Spy.

No doubt that the pandemic will be slowing things down, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the Madagascar Special will air sometime in the next few months. Once we have more information, we’ll update this article.

If you’re looking for a taster on what to expect, co-host Jeremy Clarkson told Globalnews that the episode “begins in La Réunion and then ends largely in Madagascar”. The trio also made headlines when they were marooned on Madagascar for a short while, so we imagine this will be a part of the show.

When is the rest of season 4?

Unlike previous seasons of The Grand Tour, season 4 will only consist of a select few ‘specials’ that take place in various international locations, released sporadically across various months. Episodes will not be released on a weekly basis.

Once this one is released, Clarkson confirmed on Twitter that the team will head off to film two more episodes once the pandemic passes – but don’t expect much more (if any more) beyond that for the rest of the season.

We have one pretty much ready to go and when this virus business is settled, we will head off to do two more.

— Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson)
March 7, 2020

If you’ve not watched it yet, the premiere episode of season 4 ‘Seamen’ aired in December, and was the South East Asia Special. It was filmed in Vietnam and Cambodia, and filming for the end of the episode was actually disrupted by a monsoon.

The Grand Tour trailers

At the moment there’s no trailer for the Madagascar special episode – however you can see a trailer for the first episode in season 4 if you haven’t watched it.

How can I watch The Grand Tour?

The Grand Tour is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive – so you’ll need a subscription to this service. You can either get the video streaming as a standalone subscription for £5.99/$8.99, or you can bundle it in with a full Prime subscription for £7.99/$12.99, which will give you additional benefits such as quicker delivery times and flash sales.

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