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Superhot fans are about to get a whole lot more super and/or hot, as standalone expansion Superhot: Mind Control Delete arrives next week – and entirely for free if you’ve already bought the first game.

Mind Control Delete began life as free DLC but expanded as it went along. Now it’s a standalone game that the devs say is four times the length of the original Superhot, borrowing from roguelikes in a gameplay model that sees you repeat the same gameplay loops again and again with subtle twists each time.

I’ve been playing on PC, and the good news is that this basically just feels like…more Superhot. Which is everything I could ask for really. The new developments are introduced slowly, but the core gameplay – an FPS where time only moves when you do – is untouched.

There are new weapons, new skills, and new enemies to take care of, but it all fits into the Superhot you know and love – right down to the cryptic storyline, doled out in brief moments that interrupt the mindless killing.

Launching on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Mind Control Delete will cost $24.99 when it arrives on 16 July. But if you’ve already bought Superhot – or buy it between now and 16 July – you won’t have to pay a penny.

The catch is that you have to have paid for your copy of Superhot – getting it for free through a promo or bundle won’t count – and you’ll get your free copy of Mind Control Delete on the same platform and storefront as you bought it the first time. For most stores that means it’ll turn up in your account automatically, but some work differently – check the FAQ to find out if you’re eligible.

Mind Control Delete is the first Superhot we’ve had since the excellent Superhot VR spin-off, which is also well worth a try if you’ve got the VR kit to play it.

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