‘Westworld’: A Easy Information to What Is Going On Earlier than Season 4

Have you ever began the brand new season of HBO’s Westworld and located you don’t have any thought what every character is doing? What are they after? It would not assist that the earlier predominant character — Dolores (Evan Rachel Wooden) — now seems to be a totally completely different individual. A human, not a bunch from the notorious Westworld theme park.

At the least a few of that may be defined by the ending of season 3. Let’s dive into every thing that occurred and get you again on-line.

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Aaron Paul joined the Westworld forged in season 3.

Caleb (Aaron Paul) joined the forged

The third season launched us to Caleb Nichols (Breaking Unhealthy’s Aaron Paul), a struggle veteran who’s haunted by a reminiscence of dropping his pal, Francis, in fight. In episode 1, we discovered he is a building employee and low-level legal who takes jobs by an app. When he met Dolores, he joined her on her mission.

Ultimately, we discovered that Caleb is taken into account to be an “outlier” by a machine known as Solomon and its successor, Rehoboam. Due to this standing, he underwent reconditioning remedy, a “remedy” that altered his recollections. It was “efficient,” in keeping with Solomon, and Caleb was allowed to re-enter society. Not everybody was so fortunate (extra on that within the “pods” part).

It is revealed that Caleb and Francis (performed by rapper Child Cudi) each survived the struggle, and that Caleb was the one who killed Francis. Solomon supplied every of them cash to take out the opposite, and Francis turned on Caleb, forcing Caleb to shoot him. One other twist is that the crime app, Rico, was created in order that outliers like Caleb would spherical up different outliers.

Maeve is again.

Maeve and Caleb are working collectively

Maeve reluctantly teamed up with a brand new character named Engerraund Serac in season Three after Serac instructed her that the important thing to the Elegant — the place Maeve’s daughter exists — is in Dolores’ thoughts. Serac is a trillionaire who created Rehoboam together with his brother, Jean Mi, and got here to function a mouthpiece for Rehoboam. Serac and Rehoboam wished the trove of visitor knowledge collected by Delos Included, they usually believed the important thing to it was additionally in Dolores’ thoughts.

Within the season Three finale, Maeve switched sides at an important second and helped Dolores and Caleb. She stated she realized why Dolores “selected” Caleb to assist her — not due to his capability for violence, however due to his capability to decide on. Dolores left it as much as Caleb to resolve the longer term. He instructed Rehoboam to “execute the ultimate command” — placing a brand new technique Solomon gave him into play — and introduced concerning the apocalypse. Extra particulars on that large transfer beneath.

Within the third episode of Westworld, Caleb and Dolores get to know one another higher.

Dolores isn’t any more-es. Effectively, perhaps

Within the season Three finale, Rehoboam destroyed Delores’ recollections in an try to seek out the important thing to the aforementioned Delos knowledge. It wasn’t there. It certain looks like Dolores as we all know her could also be gone for good, however with this present, I am not ruling any chance out.

‘Charlotte Hale’ is constructing hosts

It is not the top for this Dolores duplicate. Season Three confirmed that Dolores made copies of herself (the “self” that exists in her peal, or management unit) and caught them into the our bodies of Charlotte, Musashi, Martin and Lawrence. Pseudo-Charlotte helped Dolores by impersonating Hale, however she was finally discovered, and it price her. The final time we noticed new Charlotte, it was within the finale’s post-credit scene, when she was joined by a bunch model of William and appeared to be constructing extra hosts.

Charlotte Hale (or a bunch model of her) arriving at Delos HQ.

Host William has changed William

Season Three was a doozy for William. He had hallucinations of the daughter he murdered, was tricked by the brand new model of Charlotte and endured some unconventional futuristic remedy. When he emerged from all of that, William declared that his “authentic sin” was constructing hosts, and he was going to wipe out all of them. Nevertheless, within the finale’s post-credit scene, William was fatally wounded by one other model of himself — one who solutions to pretend Charlotte.

A bunch of people are nonetheless in these bizarre pods

Solomon revealed in episode 7 that the remedy given to Caleb solely works on one in 10 folks. So what occurs to everybody else? Apparently, they get put to sleep in pods, the place they “aren’t even allowed to reside or die,” as Caleb put it. In episode 7, we noticed what seems like a whole lot of the eerie, grey, human-sized containers.

Caleb ushered in… the apocalypse

So again to that entire apocalypse factor. When Caleb made his ultimate transfer within the season Three finale, he says he is doing it to offer the world a selection, like Dolores did for him. The present shifts to Bernard, who shed some much-needed mild on Dolores’ intentions, and the results of Caleb’s transfer: “She wasn’t attempting to exterminate the human race. She was attempting to reserve it,” Bernard stated. “What’s about to occur was at all times gonna occur. Serac and his brother have been simply holding it off. Humanity by no means reckoned with its personal sins.” He added: “Our world needed to burn down earlier than we might be free.”

So the reckoning is now. Stubbs, who was with Bernard in that scene, known as it the apocalypse, and Bernard did not right him. On the finish of the finale (earlier than the post-credits), we see Caleb and Maeve looking at some skyscrapers, that are shaken by explosions.

Bernard, performed by Jeffrey Wright.

Bernard is headed into the Elegant

Bernard, not Delores, has the important thing to the Elegant, the place occupied by hosts together with Maeve’s daughter. Within the season Three finale, Bernard used it, asserting that he was in search of a solution to what comes after the top of the world.

We might even see Engerraund Serac’s brother, Jean Mi in season 4

We noticed Jean Mi in season Three flashbacks, and it is implied he was sitting in one of many pods we noticed within the penultimate episode. Within the season Three finale, Engerraund mainly admitted he podded (pod-ded?) his brother, beneath directions from Rehoboam. Perhaps we’ll see him as soon as extra when the present addresses these chilling capsules once more?

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