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Robot cowboy drama Westworld has been a massive hit for HBO, and while it’s not quite the ‘next Game of Thrones’ that everybody was hoping for, it’s undeniably a success.

The third season has now finished, but we know that a fourth is on the way. Here’s when it’s coming, and what to expect when it airs.

When will Westworld season 4 start?

HBO has confirmed that season 4 of Westworld is on the way, with the core creative team of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy back in charge. We don’t know when it will air though – the show is tough to produce as is, and with the complications of the coronavirus epidemic to take into account it’s probably a safe bet that it will be a longer wait than 12 months for more Westworld.

That means you should expect it in mid-2021 at the earliest, and maybe even in 2022.

Where can you watch it?

Westworld is made by HBO, so if you’re in the US, that’s where you’ve got to watch it. For the UK, as with most big HBO shows, that means it airs on Sky Atlantic.

If you don’t have Sky already that means you’d have to sign up for one of its TV bundles to watch the show live, but there is another (cheaper) way: Now TV. This streaming service boasts Sky content – including Westworld – so you’ll be able to watch Westworld whenever you want. The Entertainment Pass costs just £8.99 a month, with a 7-day free trial.

Now TV also often has the first three seasons of Westworld available to stream, though availability does vary, but at the time of writing every episode is available – check here to see what’s available right now and watch it yourself.

Is there a season 4 trailer?

HBO hasn’t even entered production on season four yet, so there won’t be a trailer for quite a while yet.

What can we expect from season 4?

We don’t know a huge amount yet about the show’s fourth season, but we have a few ideas. Naturally, spoilers for the first three seasons follow from here.

How many episodes will there be?

There were eight episodes in season three, down from ten in each of the first two seasons. We’d probably expect eight again for the fourth season.

Which characters will be back?

It’s likely that most of the cast will be back in action – at least those whose characters survived (or can be rebuilt).

The end of season 3 left Aaron Paul’s Caleb and Thandie Newton’s Maeve striding out into the city to build their new world after destroying Incite’s supercomputer. It’s a safe bet that they’ll be back, and waging their new revolution.

Jeffrey Wright is also sure to return, as Bernard is still kicking, and accompanied by Luke Hemsworth’s security guy Stubbs. Evan Rachel Wood seems likely to return as Dolores – she may have died, but there’s at least one host out there with a copy of her pearl in it, so don’t expect that to stop her – and Tessa Thompson’s Dolores/Hale host is also out there.

Finally, Ed Harris is still out there as the Man in Black – or at least a robot version of himself, so he’ll be back. Vincent Cassel is less likely to pop up again as Serac though, but we wouldn’t rule it out – we didn’t see him die die after all.

It’s likely that plenty of other actors will re-appear in smaller roles, but it’s hard to predict exactly which hosts will pop up, after so many appeared only fleetingly in season three.

Are there any new characters?

We’re sure there will be, especially since the last season saw major introductions like Caleb and Serac, but for now we don’t know of any new casting for season four.

What will happen in season four?

Right now, naturally we don’t know too much, but we can speculate based on the third season finale.

As we said above, Maeve and Caleb are now out in the world and ready to start (or continue) Dolores’s revolution, though what exactly that involves is anyone’s guess.

Their main opposition will be the Dolores in Hales’ body, supported by her robot copy of William – aka the Man in Black. They’ll be working towards a robot utopia, leaving humans in the dust, while Maeve and Caleb are aiming for something with a little more unity.

Then there’s Bernard, who controls the only access point to all of Delos’s secret data. We’re not sure what he intends to do with it, but hopefully it at least means he’ll have a little more to do next time around.

Expect a return of Dolores, but just maybe not the one you know and love. There’s still a copy of her in the Charlotte Hale body – albeit one who’s been through a lot – along with another in the body of Lawrence (who turned up as a copy to help out Bernard in the finale, in case you’ve forgotten). So don’t think the show is done with Dolores just yet.

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