What are the benefits of using the duckduckgo browser?

What are the benefits of using the duckduckgo browser?

Duckduckgo is a privacy-focused web browser that is open source, easy to use and has many other benefits. Duckduckgo doesn’t track you or your search histories. You can use it on any device, including your smartphone, tablet and television. It comes with a range of privacy settings to suit each individual. Duckduckgo is a fast browser that is simple to use and provides many benefits such as: 


1) no data collection

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2) no watermark in the background 

3) easily accessible from any device 

4) easy to share links 

5) no cookies and 

6) faster page load time.


What is a Duckduckgo?


You may never have heard of duckduckgo before. It is a web browser that doesn’t collect any data from you. It operates in the same way that Google does but with one major difference, it doesn’t track you. Instead of tracking your data it uses encrypted search queries so that no one can see what you’ve been searching for. This means that your searches will always be private and secret!


What are the benefits of using Duckduckgo? 


1) No data collection:


Duckduck-go after Google’s privacy policy had changed to include personal user information into their search engine results based on their previous history. It  not like the idea of people knowing what he searched for because he has nothing to hide. Duckduckgo is different to Google because it doesn’t track and keep any identifiable information about you, your searches or your browsing habits.


2) No watermark in the background: 

Duckduck-go does not have a watermark in the background so there is no way to identify the source of traffic from your computer or device.


3) Easily accessible from any device: 

Duckduck-go works on all devices (e.g. iPad, computer and smartphones). There are no differences with different devices and operating platforms such as downloading apps or installing software onto another device. Duckduck-go has a range of features that are easy to access, such as having your next search listed at the top of the page which helps you find what you’re looking for quickly.


4) Not need a connection: 

You will never be asked to sign up or create an account to use Duckduck-go. The only thing is that you need to set it up once and this can be done by visiting their website and following the instructions on how to do so. A Duck Duck-go account allows you to save your search histories (which are private), but also use some of their extra features such as sharing links with your friends, answering comments and creating polls.


5) No cookies: 

Cookies are pieces of information that your computer stores to help the website or internet browser. For example, if you visit a restaurant website and buy a menu for your next meal, then you would save the menu on your computer which allows you to find it again when you’re ready. Duckduckgo doesn’t use cookies at all so this saves you time by not having to delete them when logging into different websites.


7) Faster page load time: 

The fact that duck duck go doesn’t store cookies means that it has faster page loading times and the links load quicker too.


8) Faster page load time.

If you use a lot of websites such as reddit, you might have noticed that sometimes pages can take a long time to load when you click on a link from another website. In some cases it can take up to 10 seconds for the page to load if the website has a lot of images or videos which are causing your device to slow down. Duckduck-go has been designed so that pages do not slow down even with high data volume and there is no need for Data Capping because it only loads once instead of multiple times. It is designed so that your browsing is fast and easy, therefore saving you time.


What is the Duck Duck-go search engine?


Duckduck-go isn’t a search engine in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, it is a web-based search engine that uses friendlier names for its results and its users can also choose to see results from other popular search engines. For example, it will give you the top result from Google but you can also choose to see results from Bing and Yahoo below.


What is Duckduckgo’s privacy policy?


Duckduck-go does not collect any data about its users. The information that it does collect is encrypted and stored outside of the search engine. This means that no one can see what you are searching for or using Duckduck-go to access other websites.


Where does Duckduckgo come from?


The name ‘Duckduckgo’ has led to lots of questions about where it comes from and what it means. The name was derived from Gabriel Weinberg’s own past experience of using ‘DuckDuckGo’. He used to type in ‘Go’ instead of ‘Google’ in his browser because it is quicker to type. Gabriel got fed up with having to type Duck Duck Go every time and so he abbreviated it to Duckduckgo which has now become the name of a famous web-based search engine.


How is Duckduckgo different from Google? 


Google has grown a lot and this has created some controversies. These controversies have been the topic of many conversations between duck duck go‘s users and Gabriel Weinberg. The most important point that Gabe states is that he doesn’t think that Google doing what they do is right but rather, he feels that it should be left up to the user to decide what they do with their information. With Duckduck-go, you’re in control of what you share on the web.


Final Verdict: 


Duckduck-go is a great alternative to Google that provides a simple and easy to use interface. Where Google keeps records of your activity, duckduckgo browser doesn’t track or collect any information about what you search for. Instead, it uses encrypted queries so that no one can intercept your searches or see what you’ve been searching for. This means that it is private and secret! Duckduck-go also gives you the option of using features like encryption, anonymization and even supports Tor network!

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