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Solar Opposites stars your familiar everyday sitcom family.


Welcome back to your guide to finding out what’s new online. Every week, we put together a podcast that lets you know what’s been added to services like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now. The audio is about a minute or two long.

If you’re looking for comedy in the vein of Rick and Morty, you’re in luck with Hulu’s new original series Solar Opposites. It is up right now. Is it worth your time? Check out our review of Solar Opposites to find out. 

Since you’re reading this, let’s give you some extra information not found in the podcast: Guess what? Metallica has been uploading recorded concerts to its YouTube channel every Monday. There are seven in total right now.  

Want to know what else is new? Listen to this guy:

Time well spent

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For more information on what’s available to watch online, check out CNET.com/Netpicks or subscribe to the podcast — it’s free! And go to TVGuide.com to see what else is out in the world of streaming.

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