WWDC 2023: Times, Dates & What to Expect

WWDC 2023: Times, Dates & What to Expect

The Worldwide Developers Conference is one of the biggest events on the Apple calendar, bringing developers together from around the world to learn about the next big software updates for the company’s hardware – and it gives fans a glimpse at what to expect later this year too.

Here’s everything you need to know about WWDC 2023, including what day the famous keynote is due to take place and what you should expect from this year’s virtual event.

When is WWDC 2023?

WWDC 2023 is set to take place between 5 – 9 June 2023.

Apple has confirmed that it’ll host a keynote on the first day of the conference, 5 June, to officially unveil its biggest announcements. This year could include Apple’s highly anticipated AR/VR headset, iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, watchOS 10, macOS 14 and some new Mac products.

Here is what time the keynote is taking place:

6pm BST (UK)10am PT (West Coast US)1pm ET (East Coast US)3am ACT (Australia)

Where will WWDC 2023 take place?

Apple has traditionally hosted WWDC in San Jose, California, but as with the past three years, Apple has shifted to an online-only focus for WWDC.

The WWDC 2023 keynote, along with all the developer sessions, will be available via livestream – although the latter is exclusive to paid developers.

Like last year, a small number of developers and students can watch the keynote and State of Union videos at Apple Park on the day. The special all-day event will let a select few watch the keynote and Platforms State of the Union videos at Apple HQ alongside Apple engineers and experts.

Invitees get “…sessions, one-on-one labs, and opportunities to engage with Apple engineers and other developers”, according to Apple. Of course, it’s likely a ticket that most developers would want, so Apple is running a lottery system that eligible people can apply to. This opportunity closes on 4 April 2023.

What will Apple announce at WWDC 2023?

The big question is, what will Apple announce during its opening keynote at WWDC 2023? It’s not a secret that Apple tends to showcase the next big updates for its various operating systems, but we could see hardware releases this year too.

Mac Pro

There have been rumours about a new ultimate desktop Mac launching this year, so WWDC would be a good place to announce it. This is expected to support a new dedicated Apple chipset, as well as an overhauled design.

Apple has already released its M2, M2 Pro, and M2 Max chips, so if it follows the same pattern as the M1 range, there should be an M2 Ultra SoC on the cards – this would likely power the new Mac Pro.


MacBook 15in

The 15in MacBook could make a comeback this year. Rumours suggest that there could be two options – one with an M2 chip, and a more premium option with Apple’s M2 Pro chip.

There is also a debate over whether this is an ‘Air’ model, or if Apple will just call it a MacBook. This is because an M2 Pro device would require quite advanced cooling tech, and the current MacBook Air doesn’t even have a fan – so this would mean a substantial redesign to the model.

Macworld reported that retailers have “already began stocking up” on the new model, so if it is announced, it could go on sale imminently after the event.


Apple AR/VR headset


According to Bloomberg, Apple’s long-awaited AR/VR headset could be teased, if not fully revealed at WWDC 2023.

Rumours about this new headset suggest it could be called the Apple Reality Pro, and cost around $3,000. Leaks also suggest that it will feature a 3D interface that is nearly identical to that of an iPhone or iPad, have a similar design to the Meta Quest 2, feature two Apple-designed chips and include 8K displays.

It may also include technology that tracks eye movement, so it could render high-quality graphics only where the user is looking to save on computing needs.

Of course, Apple has been rumoured to be announcing this at previous WWDC events, so we won’t know for certain until the day rolls around.

iOS 17

iOS 17 will likely be another big announcement for most tuning in to the event. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has claimed that this update will bring some of the “most requested features” for iPhone users.

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Some of these features include support for sideloading and alternate app stores, a new CarPlay experience, improvements to Siri and more. Of course, this is all speculation at this point.

iPadOS 17

iPadOS 17 is another update we’re almost certainly going to see at WWDC 2023. Like iOS 17, there are rumours that it will include third-party app stores, as well as tweaks to the apps and home screen layouts.

iMore is also speculating that Apple may bring its reimagined Lock Screen from iOS over to iPadOS, allowing users more creativity with backdrops, widgets and more.


tvOS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS 14

It’s also highly likely that we’ll get our first look at macOS 14, tvOS 17 and watchOS 10 at WWDC 2023 – but Apple has managed to keep a lid on leaks thus far.

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