Best Motorola Phone 2022: Moto Phones Ranked

2. Motorola Edge 20 – Close second

In our review, we dubbed the standard Edge 20, “the Goldilocks of the series”, not just because it slots in between the Edge 20 Lite and 20 Pro but it proved to offer the best bang for your buck across the trio.

While all three Edge 20 phones boast a 6.7in OLED display, the Edge 20’s (and 20 Pro’s) 144Hz panel is a particular joy to use, and while the phone lacks the extra oomph afforded to the beefier Pro model, it still delivers, in terms of mid-range performance, while also serving up a clean, easy-to-use Android experience – as Motorolas are known to do.

So long as you’re not a Moto fan after the company’s best camera phone right now, the Edge 20 otherwise covers all the important stuff competently.

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