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Apex Legends Lead Says Cross-Progression Is “Definitely Coming”

Apex Legend’s developers haven’t forgotten about cross-progression, it’s just been difficult to implement, game director Steven Ferreira has explained in…

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Where To Pre-Order the OnePlus 11 in the US & UK

OnePlus initially limited its new flagship phone to the company’s native China, but it didn’t stay that way for long. …

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Google to Blur Explicit Images in Search Results by Default

Whatever your opinion of Google, it does offer a good range of free tools to help keep kids safe online….

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Philips Ambilight Next Gen Arrives on Select 2023 TVs

There’s no doubt that Philips makes some of the best TVs around. One of the reasons for this – the…

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20 Great Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Be Using

If you use a physical keyboard regularly, you’ll almost certainly make use of at least a few shortcuts. These can…

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2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup Review: One-Trick Pony

The GMC Hummer EV isn’t here to be practical. It’s a moonshot vehicle, an aspirational purchase that seeks to convince…

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