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Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available in early access, and as is the case with other games like it, there’s a lot to learn whether you’re a farm-life sim expert or this particular Disney-fication has you making your first foray into the genre. We’ve covered the game immensely and felt players would do best with a single hub where they could find all of our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides in one place. Use the table of contents below to find exactly what you’re looking for, including tips on mining, gardening, upgrading your house, and a lot more.

Tips for beginners

If you’re just starting out, don’t dig a single garden hole without first reading up on our 20 tips for new players. We go over everything from how to make money quickly or boost your friendships (and reap better rewards as a result) to overlooked elements like checking your mail regularly. Time is money in Dreamlight Valley, so spend it wisely.

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Cross-save and cross-play

You can take your town across platforms using cloud saves. Here’s how to set it up.

Upgrading your house

Upgrading your house in a game like this one of the most exciting parts of the game. Here’s how to do it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Recipe list

With over 160 recipes, you can spend hours just working in the kitchen. Here’s the full list of recipes.


Recipes demand ingredients, and those are found in several different ways. Make sure you know where to find all ingredients using our guide.


Fishing is easy in itself, but knowing where to find each fish is a bit more confusing. Check out our guide on all fish locations.


When you need crafting elements such as clay, stone, or rope, you can find yourself lost in a pile of supplies. Here’s what to know about foraging in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


Like fishing and foraging, mining is a crucial part of your day, but it’s not always clear what you might mine or where to go when you need something specific. This guide on gem locations should clarify things.

Star Path

The Star Path is Disney Dreamlight Valley’s battle pass system. The Star Path debuts with the Pixar Fest edition, featuring a number of rewards to earn by completing in-game challenges. Here’s a look at all rewards and how to earn them.

Every character would just love to keep you busy for several hours.Goofy Stalls

Goofy’s quite the entrepreneur in Dreamlight Valley, setting up shop in every biome. You’ll want to know what he’s buying or selling at each of them, so this guide explains Goofy Stall locations and inventory.


Squirrels, turtles, and more critters will wander the town and sometimes seek your attention. Here’s how to feed and interact with them.


Realms are the story missions that transport you to far-off Disney worlds based on brands like Frozen, Moana, and Wall-E. Here’s a list of all confirmed (and rumored) Realms so far.

Tricky quests

Though the game is pretty approachable for all ages, Disney Dreamlight Valley has a few quests that might stump you. Check out our guides on the With Great Power questline and the Secret door quest from Mickey Mouse.

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