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The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is now on sale. The company unveiled its four latest flagships at Unpacked in February, with the regular model the only one to offer a 4G version. 

The S20 Ultra represents Samsung pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a smartphone, and it has a price to match – the phone starts at £1199/US$1399.

In return you get a colossal 6.9in, 120Hz AMOLED display, 108Mp camera with 100x ‘Space Zoom’ and a 5000mAh battery. Check out our Ultra review to find out if it’s worth it. 

As with most flagships, the S20 Ultra’s all-glass design makes it vulnerable to damage. You’ll want to get a case to protect it, and fortunately there are some excellent options on the market. Here’s our top picks. 

Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Protective Standing Cover

There are plenty of official S20 Ultra cases on the Samsung website, but this one stands out. 

The heavy duty Protective Standing case does exactly what it says on the tin, offering military grade drop protection and a built-in kickstand for ultimate flexibility. 

Crucially, this case will add very little bulk to the phone, although it does provide plenty of grip on what is usually a slippery device.

It comes in a standard black variant, but we particularly like the standout silver option (pictured). 

You can buy it now for £24/US$39.99 direct from Samsung, although it’s also available at Mobile Fun. 

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Neo Hybrid case

Spigen are a regular fixture in our case round-ups, and with good reason. The Neo Hybrid strikes a good balance between looking good and providing complete protection for your device. 

Unlike most cases, it is split into two pieces, meaning the phone is not left unnecessarily exposed to damage.

The raised lips mean the stunning 6.9in screen should also be sufficiently protected from drops, but if you’d like all-around protection the case is still compatible with most screen protectors.

This doesn’t quite have the heavy-duty feel of the Rugged Armor, but it’s an ideal option for everyday use.

You can buy it for £15.99/US$34.99.

Otterbox Galaxy S20 Ultra Symmetry Series Case

Another regular fixture in our case round-ups, Otterbox’s Symmetry range provides everything most people are looking for in a case.

Otterbox has refined the design of the Symmetry series, with the latest versions being the thinnest ever. That doesn’t mean it compromises on protection though, having been specifically 

The case is currently available in either a standard Black or more eye-catching Sapphire Secret Blue (pictured).

You can buy it for £29.99, while only a clear version is available in the US for $49.95.

ESR Galaxy S20 Ultra Metal Kickstand Case

Perhaps understandable given the name, the headlining feature of ESR’s case is the built-in kickstand on the back of the phone. 

Unlike the vast majority of similar cases, it is made out of metal, which should mean it is much more durable than plastic equivalents. It also supports both vertical and horizontal viewing angles. 

Besides that, this case has all the protection you’d expect from an ESR products, with soft TPU and raised edges on the screen and camera module. 

You can buy it for £15.19/US$18.99.

Noreve Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Leather Case

Noreve is renowned for its luxury cases, so it could be the perfect companion for the S20 Ultra.

The high-quality leather folio ensures you have complete device protection without compromising on style. Precise cut outs ensure all physical buttons and cutouts remain available. 

The way the case is designed also means the sizeable rear camera bump is nowhere near as big an issue. 

As with many Noreve cases, there are a whole host of customisation options, including 12 colours, extra attachments and rear card slots. 

You can buy it for £49.68/US$51.84.

Tech 21 Studio Design for Galaxy S20 Ultra

Tech 21’s Studio Design case stands out in more ways than one.

A unique patterned design and some unusual colour options shouldn’t detract you from its main function – excellent protection without adding bulk. 

Tech 21 claim that this case will protect your phone from drops up to 8 feet, and based on past performance we have no reason to doubt them. 

There’s also microbe-fighting protection built-in to the case, which is particularly important considering people take their phones nearly everywhere. 

Tech 21 also has an eye on the environment, with the Studio Design made from plant-based materials. 

You can buy it for £19.95/US$29.95.

Totallee Thin Galaxy S20 Ultra Case

Totallee’s case aims to add as little bulk as possible to your your S20 Ultra, whilst ensuring that it is still well protected. At just 0.02″ thin and 0.1oz in weight, it’s among the lightest cases we’ve ever seen. 

The black model pictured is typically understated, maintaining the design of the phone while adding some much-needed grip.

Totallee are also great at ensuring there’s no additional branding on its cases, so with the exception of the camera module the back of the phone is completely plain 

The company also offers a money back guarantee, so you can get a full refund within the first 30 days. 

You can buy it now for US$35, which translates to around £28.45.

You’ve seen the cases, but what about if you haven’t bought the phone yet? Check out the best Samsung Galaxy S20 deals to ensure you get the best price, regardless of which model you go for. 


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