Get Amazon’s new 4K TV for just £269 until 11 April

Get Amazon’s new 4K TV for just £269 until 11 April

Although you can already buy a TV with a built-in Amazon Fire TV interface from a variety of manufacturers including Toshiba, TCL and Xiaomi, the company just launched a range of its own Amazon-branded TVs in the UK.

And if you pre-order one before they go on sale, you’ll save a lot of money. So if you were planning to get a new TV and you like the Fire TV interface, this is a really good deal.

There are three ranges. The 2-Series is the budget one that comes in 32in and 40in sizes and three HDMI inputs. They’re not 4K, but for the money, they’re still great value with the discount.

Amazon Fire TV 2-Series

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The 4-Series comes in 43, 50 and 55in and all have 4K HDR screens plus three HDMI 2.0 inputs, plus a  single eARC 2.1 port. Like the 2-Series they have Alexa which you use through the remote control’s microphone.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series

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Topping the range are the Omni QLED TVs. These have the same four HDMI inputs as the 4-Series but benefit from QLED screens which offer better contrast, colours and a range of extra features such as hands-free Alexa, auto brightness and Ambient Experience, which works a lot like Amazon’s Echo Show smart display range.

These are available in the same sizes as the 4-Series, plus a bigger 65in model. They go on sale on 1 June, not April 12 (except the 65in, which is available sooner), but you can still pre-order any of the sizes and get a big discount:

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED

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The biggest discount is on the biggest, most-expensive TV but if a 65in screen is too big for your room, then the smaller models are still good deals.

You can pre-order the TVs until 9am on 11 April, at which point the discounts will disappear and you’ll pay full price.

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