OnePlus 11: Everything you need to know

OnePlus surprised many of us in 2022 by not releasing a standard version of the OnePlus 10, but instead going straight to the OnePlus 10 Pro.

Rumours still persist that the non-Pro model could emerge – perhaps alongside a new Ultra model – but as we look forward to what the OnePlus 11 will hold it’s unclear which models will launch. Here’s all we know so far about the OnePlus 11.

When will the OnePlus 11 be released?

There’s been no word from OnePlus about when the 11 or 11 Pro will arrive. Early 2023 would be a good guess though – OnePlus normally launches flagships each Spring, and in fact the OnePlus 10 Pro was revealed as early as January 2022 in China.

We may see it even sooner than that though. The usually reliable leaker Digital Chat Station reports that the next OnePlus flagship will launch “at the end of the year” (machine translated from Chinese), which makes some sense. The phone is likely to feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, which itself is expected to launch in November, a few weeks earlier than normal, to give Chinese phone manufacturers time to get products to market ahead of the Chinese New Year sales season in January.

That’s just China though. If we look at the previous global release schedules for the numbered OnePlus flagships (not counting the ‘T’ models, which launch later in the year), it works out like this:

OnePlus 10 Pro – March 2022OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro – March 2021OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro – April 2020

So, if OnePlus holds to this new schedule, it would be March 2023 when we see the OnePlus 11 and/or 11 Pro globally, but we might see it arrive in China as early as December 2022.

How much will the OnePlus 11 cost?

As there’s no confirmation from OnePlus yet about pricing, we’ll use the previous models to put us in the picture. Here’s the pricing of the last few flagships:

OnePlus 10T – $649/£629/€699OnePlus 10 Pro – $899/£799/€899OnePlus 9 – $729/£629/€699OnePlus 9 Pro – $999/£829/€899OnePlus 8T – $649/£549/€649

If OnePlus only goes with a Pro model for the 11-series, then it will probably be close to the price of the current 10 Pro, otherwise we’ll hope to see something a bit cheaper, along the lines of the OnePlus 10T. This might not quite work out this simply though, as the world-wide chip shortage, plus the disruptions to manufacturing and distribution caused by Covid and the Ukrainian invasion by Russia are all beginning to drive up prices.

What features and specs will we see in the OnePlus 11?

So far there have been few concrete leaks about the OnePlus 11 series, but details are beginning to emerge.

First up, OnLeaks has revealed the first look at what he claims is the design of the OnePlus 11 Pro, in partnership with SmartPrix. If you’re on desktop, you may have to click and drag to swipe through the images below:

These renders, made by OnLeaks based on an “early prototype,” reveal a few key details. First up, the phone includes both the alert slider and Hasselblad branding found on the 10 Pro, but missing from autumn’s 10T.

We also see a new camera module, a circular design that still features the wraparound element introduced in the 10 Pro. Three cameras and a flash are included, which should come as no surprise.

As for internal specs, the main thing we’ve heard is simply that the phone will use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, which always seemed to be a safe bet – it’s set to be the next flagship chipset from Qualcomm and will power most high-end Android phones in the first half of 2023.

We don’t know what else to expect, but going by previous Pro phones we should see a 120Hz curved AMOLED display, up to 12GB of RAM, and a big battery with fast charging – probably 150W.

Whether we see a single 11 Pro or a pair of phones, we’re looking forward to what the next generation may bring. Until then, you can peruse our roundups of the best smartphones and best OnePlus smartphones to see what you can buy today. 

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