Where can one find the best deal for iPhone 8 screen replacement?

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are good phones still used today, and while it still performs great— accidents do happen. The iPhone 8 has probably seen its fair share of internal or external damage.

Whether it’s a dying-out battery, broken screen, or damaged internal parts, you’ve probably thought about repairing your iPhone 8, but wanted to know how much it would cost. The first place most people go to for repairs is Apple, which is great for broken iPhones that are still covered by their AppleCare + extended warranty, but out-of-warranty services often prove to be costly.

A DIY Solution from the comfort of your home

Phonepartworld(https://www.phonepartworld.com/) is an online wholesale smartphone replacement parts store, they have all the iPhone replacement parts you need to restore your iPhone 8. While comparing them to local service options from repair shops in your area or most online stores that sell replacement parts, phonepartworld is considerably a more cost-effective solution to repairing your damaged iPhone. All their products go through the highest standards of testing to ensure the products you receive are the best, last longer, and don’t exhibit issues or cause you trouble. Each Product is genuine and brand new.

How much does the iPhone 8 replacement screen repair cost?

Once you figure out how much the iPhone 8 screen replacement can cost you, two options come up: Either taking it to an Apple Store or going to a repair shop near you to perform the repairs. First, apple repair pricing, and according to their support page, an iPhone 8 screen repair that’s out-of-warranty will cost you anywhere around $149 with apple using only genuine Apple parts. Apart from the cost of the parts, there is an additional site-visit fee, which can only be waived if you have AppleCare + active.


If you’re looking to save money on iPhone 8 screen repair, DIY options can be much more affordable. The average cost to repair an iPhone 8 screen is under $45. Check out phonepartworld’s iPhone 8 screen replacement. Using the tools available in their store can save you more on the repairs significantly! Just don’t forget to purchase the iPhone 8 screen adhesive.

How much does the iPhone 8 battery replacement cost?

When your iPhone 8 starts experiencing battery issues, it starts to bulge and can become an inconvenience. It becomes annoying when your phone shuts down before the battery drops down to 0%. At the Apple Store, battery replacement for the iPhone 8 will cost $49, but first, you’ll need to start a service request and make an appointment days ahead of time.


A repair shop might be more cost-effective and get the job done a bit quicker than waiting for Apple to repair your iPhone 8. On average, most local repair shops charge around $60+ for iPhone 8 battery replacement, around $10 more than the Apple Store pricing. If you’re in a hurry to have your iPhone 8 battery replacement— Try replacing your iPhone 8 battery with phonepartworld’s iPhone 8 replacement battery at home, it will cost you less than $30. Don’t forget to get your hands on an iPhone 8 battery adhesive to ensure that your battery is held in place.

How much does the iPhone 8 plus screen replacement cost and iPhone 8 Plus replacement battery cost?

The cost of the iPhone 8 plus screen replacement and iPhone 8 plus battery replacement with phonepartworld is more or less the same as the iPhone 8 replacement screen and iPhone 8 replacement battery on their website. It’s extremely easy to replace damaged parts with brand new replacement parts for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus from phonepartworld.

Are iPhone 8 repair costs worth it?

One really has only two options: Either to repair the phone or buy another phone. It really comes to figuring out what the repair costs will run-up to, with phonepartworld, savings are guaranteed, the products are brand new. There’s a big difference in the price when comparing the cost of repairs.

The difference with phonepartworld is you get the best replacement parts at very reasonable pricing. Learning to repair your phone at home might seem challenging, but in fact, it’s a simple task to restore your phone to its former glory. While one can no longer buy a brand new iPhone 8 from Apple, phonepartworld can support you with helping you fix your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus at home.

While you could always take your broken iPhone to the Apple Store, you can save a bundle by using phonepartworld for iPhone replacement parts.

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