10 Best Arms In Armored Core 6


In Armored Core 6, did you know that you can win by punching your way to victory? We hope you won’t have to.

Arms are an important part of Armored Core 6 that people often forget about. Some parts may be flashier and unique, determining how an AC unit moves around the game world, whether they fight on land or in the air, and how they fight in each area.

Some may even be picked because they look nice. But arms control how those weapons are used; they are the most important part of an Armored Core’s performance, second only to the center Core itself in some ways. Players can choose from arms that are very light or very heavy, so they can fit any build they have in mind.

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AA-J-123 Basho

aa-j-123-basho-arms.jpg (740×370)

The AA-J-123 Basho are larger, bulkier arms that were made by BAWS. They can carry 2,430 armor points, 10,520 pounds of weapons, 53 types of weapons, 10,480 pounds of weight, and 210 EN loads. For 81,000 COAM, you can buy them in the shop.

Everyone knows that the AA-J-123 Basho arms are a good all-around pick. In any given area, they don’t do anything particularly noteworthy; they just get the job done without a fuss. They might not be the guns you keep until the end of the game or New Game Plus, but they could get you there.

EL-PA-00 Alba

el-pa-00-alba-arms.jpg (740×370)

The EL-PA-00 Alba are a pair of arms that were made by Elcano using technology that was first built by Furlong Dynamics. The balance and accuracy of these arms are very important. They can carry 1,750 armor points, 11,350 weapons, 136 types of guns, 9,810 pounds, and 315 extra pounds.

With the EL-PA-00 Alba arms, balance is key. Not too heavy, but still nice for defense, and it has a Firearm Specialization that is fairly high. While these arms might not be the best at any one thing, they do cover a lot of ground.

04-101 Mind Alpha

04-101-mind-alpha-arms.jpg (740×370)

These are the 04-101 Mind Alpha arms that ALLMIND made so that they could be used for study into how to combine a pilot’s senses with their Armored Core. They can carry 2,300 armor points, 15,550 weapons, 103 types of guns, 16,960 pounds, and 358 extra loads.

You can get them once you hit Hunter Rank 01. The 04-101 Mind Alpha arms make up for what they lack in pure statistical ability with their Arms Load Limit, without sacrificing too much overall performance.

AC-3000 Wrecker

ac-3000-wrecker-arms.jpg (740×370)

RaD made the AC-3000 Wrecker, which is a pair of arms used for building and demolition work. They have 2,030 armor points, a maximum load of 15,800 weapons, 26 different types of weapons, 14,650 pounds of weight, and 220 EN loads.

They only have a 26th Firearm Specialization, but what they lack in long combat skills, they make up for by being the best tool for close combat. These arms work best with a flamethrower or a close-range weapon for those times when you have to smash something to pieces.

AS-5000 Salad

as-5000-salad-arms.jpg (740×370)

RaD made the AS-5000 Salad, a pair of arms that meet high scientific standards even though they are made up of many different parts. They can carry 2,600 armor points, 18,700 weapons, 88 types of guns, 20,940 pounds, and 356 EN loads.

For 249,000 COAM, you can buy them in the parts shop. Besides having the coolest name, the AS-5000 Salad arms are a good choice for defense in general. Even though there may be better options, not all of the rival arms can say they are as fair.

IA-C01A: Ephemera

ia-c01a-ephemera-arms.jpg (740×370)

Although they were made by the Rubicon Research Institute to be used with unmanned Armored Cores, the IA-C01A: Ephemera are an older version of arms that could also be used by piloted vehicles. The maximum load for these weapons is 12,680 Arms Load, they weigh 12,700, and they have a 312 EN Load.

They are hidden in Chapter 4’s Underground Exploration – Depth 2 quest. The IA-C01A: Ephemera gives you pretty good defense and specialization in firearms without making the rest of your build too heavy.


ve-46a-arms.jpg (740×370)

The VE-46A are a stylish and high-tech pair of arms that were made by Arquebus ADD. These weapons have a weight of 22,210, 380 EN Load, 2,660 Armor Points, and a maximum load of 21,300 Arms. They can also use 80 different types of weapons. For 286,000 COAM, you can buy them in the shop.

The VE-46A are the best at pure defense, and they’re not bad in any other way. Except that they don’t specialize in firearms very well. They give up tracking ability in battle for pure defense. If the other team can’t outgun you, beat them.

DF-AR-09 Tian-Lao

df-ar-09-tian-lao-arms.jpg (740×370)

According to Dafeng Core Industries, the only goal when making the DF-AR-09 Tian-Lao arms was to make them very durable, which they did. They can hold up to 17,200 Arms Load Points, have 95 Firearm Specialization, weigh 26,740, and have 266 EN Load.

For 310,000 COAM, you can buy them in the shop. You can’t get better defense than these arms, which cost 3,070 Armor Points. Their main flaw is that they are heavy, but even so, these are still a good choice for people who want to be cautious.

DF-AR-08 Tian-Qiang

df-ar-08-tian-qiang-arms.jpg (740×370)

Dafeng Core Industries made the DF-AR-08 Tian-Qiang, which is a strong pair of arms. They can carry 2,480 armor points, 19,500 weapons, 92 types of guns, 20,020 pounds, and 295 EN loads. For 200,000 COAM, you can buy them in the shop.

Some of the other arms may have better defense or load limits than thes. But these arms are hard to pass up because they have so many good features. On the plus side, the DF-AR-08 Tian-Qiang is lighter than other arms in its class and has a better Firearm Specialization.


nachtreiher-46e-arms.jpg (740×370)

The Schneider Nachtreiher/46E are a pair of arms that were made to be efficient and quick. The maximum load for these weapons is 12,730 Arms Load, they weigh 11,420, and they can hold 302 EN Load.

They cost 138,000 COAM and can be bought in the shop. Some arms are very good at protecting you. Some have load limits that change all the time to work with other parts. One thing that makes the Nachtreiher/46E stand out is that it is specialized for guns. Backrooms Game players who like to attack will find these arms very useful.

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