10 Villains We Want To See In Marvel’s Spider-Man 3


When Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 came out, Insomniac added a lot of new bad guys to their own Spider-Verse. All of them were fun to watch, especially if you like comic books. Some were done better than others. A lot of the bad guys from the first three games can’t be in the next one, though, because Kraven or Venom has already killed most of them.

People start to wonder if there are still enough bad guys for a movie. No, there are dozens more than that. This is because Insomniac can draw on a long past of comic books. Read on to find out who the web-slingers will have in the future. Many of them have already been set up.


Spider-Man-PS4-Rhino-and-Miles-Morales.jpg (750×375)

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Rhino is one of the bad guys. Kraven is said to be hunting in Spider-Man 2, but no one knows what will happen to him. The game proves beyond a doubt that Kraven killed Scorpion and gives proof that Vulture, Shocker, and Electro also died the same way. Though, nothing is ever said about Rhino. At least not in the books.

There is cut material that shows he was also supposed to die, but you would think that if Insomniac wanted Rhino to die, they would have said so in the game itself. He was in the first game for a boss fight and a stealth meeting. In the second game, he was in two boss fights, so it’s likely we’ll see him again. People who can’t sleep love this big lug.


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There is no nice way to say this, but Swarm is one of Spider-Man’s worst enemies because he is a real Nazi. He’s also one of the weirdest because he’s made of bees only. Fritz von Meyer hasn’t been seen in any of the games, but that doesn’t mean Swarm can’t be seen.

A lot of attention is paid to Dr. Young and her robotic bees when visiting the Emily-May Foundation and doing the EMF missions. These bee drones are partly weapons even though they were made to protect hives that are in danger. Since the foundation and her work are both ruined, Dr. Young may use her swarm of killer robot bees for more bad things.


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In the story of the games, Peter has already fought Chameleon, but he is officially presented in Spider-Man 2. Kraven’s half-brother Dmitri Smerdyakov is a different kind of bad guy. He steals other people’s looks and identities by using acting skills, study, and cutting edge technology.

Peter has been seen running away from The Hunters and is now on the run. He could seriously mess up Miles and Peter’s lives by hurting their public images or getting into their personal lives and making a mess of them. Even though he’s not as strong as his brother, he is still dangerous.


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Even if you haven’t heard of her, Starling is an important part of Miles Morales’s story in the books. She is actually his present girlfriend, so she is not a bad guy. Yet, when they first met, they had different ideas about what it meant to be a hero. In the next game, she could become a monster.

The Vulture’s granddaughter is Tiana Toomes. Since Kraven killed him, she might put on one of his flight suits to carry on his work. Introducing her as Miles Morales’ Black Cat would make his connection with Hailey more interesting, but they might be saving that part for Silk.


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One of the best parts of Spider-Man 2 was finding out that The Flame was really Cletus Kasady getting a symbiote for himself. As The Flame, he was a boring side bad guy who was just there to move the story between Peter and Yuri along. You can expect something very different as Carnage.

Carnage is both the symbiote he wears and the person he turns into when he’s in it. Other symbiotes have goals and can sometimes be persuaded, but Carnage only cares about what their name means. One of the most dangerous characters in Marvel is Carnage, who is driven to kill. The fact that Cletus ran away with a symbiote pretty much guarantees that Carnage will appear in the future, either in the sequel or as DLC.


spiderman-ps4-sequel-villains-kingpin-4.jpg (740×370)

Kingpin wasn’t in Spider-Man 2, which stood out. In the first game, he was the main character, and in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, he was a part of one of the major side quests. We know that he’s still running a lot of crime in New York from his cell in The Raft, but he wasn’t mentioned this time.

He might come back in a movie, and it would be interesting to see how Miles deals with a bad guy who doesn’t follow the rules. He could also be a great bad guy for Mary Jane, played by Laura Bailey, for the same reason. Kingspin’s voice was done by Travis Willingham, who is married to her and also plays on Critical Role. This would let them really chew the scenery together.


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The guy Rio Morales is dating is named Arthur Moon, and his daughter is named Cindy Moon. This is revealed at the end of Spider-Man 2. Unless you know that Cindy Moon is really Silk and that she got her powers from being bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker, this reveal doesn’t mean anything.

It looks like Cindy is going to be a character that Miles, not Peter, can connect with. When the spider bit him, we didn’t see many chances for it to bite someone else. How could she get spider skills any other way?

Yes, the answer is “The Jackal,” which is the best example of a crazy scientist ever. Because he is known for focusing on cloning Peter and the people in his life, Insomniac may have chosen to use him as Silk’s vehicle in Basket Random. Besides that, he might be the one who made other bad guys.


electro.jpg (750×375)

Electro is dead because Kraven killed him, so how could he come back? So, in comics, it’s common for someone else to take on the role of a bad guy. In other words, Electro could come back even though Maxwell Dillon is dead. Francine Frye is the most likely person to be chosen.

It was in the books that Francine Frye was Maxwell’s partner and accidentally died from an electric shock when his powers were out. The Jackal later found her body and used it to make a copy of her. She got her own electricity skills, so it’s possible that she could carry on Electro’s work in Spider-Man 3 and hint at a bigger plot at the same time.

Doctor Octopus

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The main bad guy in the first game was Otto Octavius, who was a good person who got lost. He was frightening and emotionally appealing, but it was his incredibly smart body that made him a threat. He’s almost certain to be back in Spider-Man 3, since we saw him in his cell in Spider-Man 2.

He says that he is writing “the final chapter” in his notebook, which could be a reference to a comic book story with the same name. You can be sure that he will be a part of the future of the series whether Insomniac uses The Final Chapter or not.

Norman Osborn – The Green Goblin

spider-man-2-post-credits-scene-norman-osborn-cropped.jpg (750×375)

People often think of the Green Goblin as Peter Parker’s worst enemy, right up there with Doc Ock. He must maniacally glide through the city, throwing pumpkin bombs and people off bridges. The show would not be complete without him doing these things.

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