6 Common International Shipping Errors and How to Prevent Them

6 Common International Shipping Errors and How to Prevent Them


International shipping from India can be a complex and deeply involved process, especially if you’re an online retailer. When dealing with customers from various nations, there are numerous steps that must adhere to the customs regulations of each country – if even one of these steps is overlooked or inaccurately completed, it risks significant delay (or worse) for your shipment. To assist you in avoiding such delays and other common mistakes when shipping internationally, we present our guide on all the key elements you should be aware of during this essential transaction.


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In this blog, we’ll walk through why understanding proper every step is critical to ensuring smooth delivery as well as providing tips for preventing common errors related to taxation/duty, paperwork preparation and more. So, let’s get started! 


How shipping errors can affect your business

Shipping errors can be a major setback for eCommerce businesses. Not only do shipping errors cause significant delays, but they can also lead to financial losses and customer dissatisfaction. If an order is not processed correctly from the very start, it can result in significant delays and increased costs due to extra processing and handling fees.


Cost you the customers

One of the most obvious ways that a shipping error can affect your eCommerce business is by costing you a customer. Customers may become frustrated if their orders are not delivered on time and give bad reviews about your business, leading to a decrease in customer satisfaction and loyalty. If a customer places an order with your business and you ship the wrong item, they are likely to be disappointed and may not place another order with your business in the future.


Reputation damage

Another way that a shipping error can affect your ecommerce business is by damaging your reputation. If customers begin to associate your business with shipping errors, they may be less likely to recommend your business to others or to shop with you again in the future.


Increased costs

A shipping error can also increase your costs as you may need to pay to reship the correct item to the customer or refund the customer for their order. Additionally, if you ship an item to the wrong address, you may need to pay for the item to be returned to you, which can add to your costs.



Shipping errors can also cause delays in receiving payments from customers or in fulfilling orders for other customers. This can lead to lost sales and decreased profits for your business.


Legal issues

In some cases, shipping errors can also lead to legal issues. For example, if you ship an item that is restricted or prohibited in the destination country, you may be subject to fines or other penalties. Additionally, if you ship an item that is damaged or defective, you may be liable for damages incurred by the customer.


Damaged goods

Shipping errors can lead to goods being damaged in transit or lost. This can cause financial losses for businesses as they may have to reimburse customers or resend the item.


Therefore, it is important to have the best courier service that is reliable and ensures international deliveries are completed without any errors. Additionally, if your business deals with a large volume of international orders or orders that require quick delivery times, then a quality air cargo service may be the best option to ensure fast and timely delivery.


Common international shipping errors


Not Knowing Your Country’s Customs Regulations

One of the most common international shipping errors is not knowing your country’s customs regulations. Every country has different regulations regarding what can and cannot be shipped into the country. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in your shipment being delayed, confiscated, or returned to the sender. To avoid this, be sure to research the customs regulations of your destination country before shipping anything internationally.


Incorrectly Filling Out Customs Forms

Filling out customs forms incorrectly is another mistake related to international shipping. These forms are used by customs officials to determine the value of your shipment and whether any taxes or duties are owed on it. If you make a mistake on these forms, it could result in your shipment being delayed or even returned to the sender. To avoid this, be sure to carefully read and fill out all customs forms correctly before sending your shipment.


Not Packaging Your Shipment Properly

Improper packaging of your shipment is another common error sellers do during international shipping from India. Improper packaging can damage your goods and lead to delays in delivery. It can also result in your shipment being returned to the sender. To avoid this, be sure to use proper packaging materials and techniques when packing your shipment for international delivery.


Not Getting Insurance

Another common mistake is not getting insurance for your shipment. Shipping insurance protects you in case your shipment is lost, damaged, or stolen while in transit. Without insurance, you will have to bear the cost of any losses yourself. To avoid this, be sure to purchase shipping insurance before sending your shipment internationally.


Not Using a Trusted Shipping Company

Not using a trusted and best courier service company is yet another mistake which can cause business loss and a pile of complaints from customers. Many companies claim to offer international courier services but do not have the experience or expertise to do so properly. This can lead to delays, damage, and even loss of your shipment. To avoid this, be sure to research different shipping companies and choose one that has a good reputation and track record for successful international shipments


Role of an efficient courier service provider in averting shipping errors

An efficient and best courier service provider can smartly avert shipping errors for your business. With international courier services like air cargo on the rise, it can be difficult for companies to maintain quality assurance and product turnaround times. It is up to the courier service provider to ensure that packages are handled in a timely fashion whilst minimizing potential losses due to errors like misrouting or damage.  


By partnering with a reliable international courier service like NimbusPost, businesses can be confident that their products will arrive at their destination without incident. From tracking shipments, coordinating customs clearance, storing inventory and delivering parcels on schedule—a reliable international courier service helps companies keep their processes efficient and saves them time and money. When it comes to operating successful international shipping from India, engaging with the right international courier service provider is the key. 



Business reputation is a valuable asset in the world of eCommerce, and common shipping errors can put that reputation at stake. Having a reliable and best courier service provider like NimbusPost can help overcome this problem by providing efficient service, cost-effective rates, and transparent tracking options. With a professional delivery solution in place, customers are assured of their packages arriving on time and safe from damage. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn translates into higher sales for the business – a win-win solution for all involved. A trusted courier partner can ensure customers receive the best possible service and brands can maintain their reputation in the market. 


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