6 Innovations Of Digital Learning In Malaysia

Digital Learning

What is Digital learning?

Despite many challenges that came with the pandemic, it also introduced us with a blessing. For reals?

Yes for real and we’ll tell you how. All thanks to the anxiety-ridden pandemic, it altered a lot of aspects of our daily lives to move online. It also made on-campus classes shift to online classes. And we cannot thank it enough for it.

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This shift from offline to online education made students of every age and level experience its mojo for the first time. And since then, it has been a trend and many innovations are being made to enhance this experience even more. Boo-ya! What a great time to be alive!

Even though the pandemic is long gone, the restrictions that came with it have eased in a lot of nations across the globe but people are not ready to let go of e-learning. Well, rightfully so.

E-learning will most likely be even more cherished in the future than it is right now. After all, it comes with a lot of advantages as compared to a traditional classroom setting. This virtual learning is at its peak in Malaysia.

Let us barge in to see how this virtual learning is trending in this Asian nation.

The Rise Of E-Learning In Malaysia

Accessible At Any Time:

With every lecture present online, students will save a lot of their commute time and effort. All they need to do to get quality education is to turn on their computer and voila! They will have unlimited information right at their fingertips. It is definitely a dream come true for all education enthusiasts! So, learning virtually is the newest wrinkle!

E-learning offers vast flexibility to students, so there is no restriction to being physically present in a classroom at any specific time. This digital learning proves to be ideal for students who have busy lives, as it enables them to adjust their studies around other commitments. Moreover, if a student is unable to complete their dissertation in time, they can now seek online dissertation writing services to get their work done on time.

Convenient Learning Formats:

It is no secret that every person has their own pace. Similarly, not every kid can learn in the same manner as others. It was one of the biggest failures of offline learning.

Luckily, for the students of this day and age, this issue has been resolved with the incorporation of online learning. This system has allowed the tutors as well as students to get access to course material in a lot of different formats. These formats include audio files, written documents and articles, video lectures, online quizzes, and so much more. Awesome!

This allows the students to find a format that meets their needs the best. Thus, they are permitted to work through their course material at their own pace, without feeling dumb in front of the fast learners. Moreover, some courses also offer webinars as well as live chat support. This permits the candidates to interact and submit their queries to their tutors in real-time. So convenient!

Develop 21st Century Skills:

Education has been more or less the same for many years. We studied, what was taught to our parents, and our grandparents. And who knows how far it goes. Ugh! Luckily for our children, we can put a stop to this ancient pattern with the assistance of online learning.

The 21st-century students need to polish their critical skill sets for their bright futures. It has been predicted that AI will replace a lot of career opportunities in the coming 5 to 10 years. So, to mark themselves safe from any challenges ahead, our children must possess exceptional skills in collaboration, problem-solving, innovation, critical thinking, creativity, and communication.

Cost-Effective Education:

Do you know that research has revealed that e-learning produces 85 percent less carbon dioxide emission and consumes an average of 90 percent less energy per student as compared with traditional offline courses? Shocking no?

Online learning is an effective way to get cost-effective education during these difficult times when inflation is at its peak. The costs for buying course materials and attending on-campus classes can add up to a lot. But, with digital learning, students can significantly eliminate these costs and access courses free of cost.

For instance, many courses offered in Malaysia require no registration fee and provide candidates with low-cost, or costless materials including summaries, modules, resources, and much more. So, choose a course and master it.

Moreover, if you are finding it difficult to manage your time to complete your assignments, then we have a quick fix for you. Seek help from any online assignment writing service for college and get your work done in time.

Technological Mastery:

This generation, which is already dependent on technology to do their everyday work, can actually benefit a lot from e-learning. Not only it is beneficial for the students, but for teachers as well. Really? How?

We’ll start with students first, these candidates become acquainted with using video-conferencing programs, microphones, laptops, as well as webcams. This familiarity with technology boosts their technological knowledge and motivates them to polish their soft skills which will be of their use in the future.

The tutors can also benefit from this e-learning trend, as it makes them learn to conduct their classes both online and offline. Not only do they also enhance their technological knowledge, but they also sharpen their teaching skills. This enables them to be at the top of their careers even in the future.

Interactive, Fun And Attractive:

Remember when we had to wake up early to get to class, and have forty winks during our classes due to of lack of interaction and boredom? Well, no more! Because without any flicker of doubt, E-learning is more fun and interactive as compared to offline learning. Who dares to disagree with this statement? Surely no one.

Online learning allows students to add videos, images, as well as audio to their notes to make their study experience more interesting. These note-making trends prove to be extremely efficient in focusing attention. Moreover, it also allows students to help with processing and memory recall.

Online Learning – A Rising Tide In Malaysia

In conclusion, during the breakout of COVID-19, many institutions shifted to online learning. And since then, it has been a frenzy. With many benefits including the above-mentioned ones, people are not ready to let go of it even today. Well, we do not blame these intellectual geeks, because they have every reason to not let go of this amazing opportunity.

From aiding us to develop 21st-century skills, to becoming accessible anywhere and providing convenient learning formats, online learning has proven to be better than what we imagined it to be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What Are The Challenges Of E-Learning In Malaysia?

Although e-learning offers many great opportunities, there are some challenges to it as well. Some of these challenges include:

  1. Lack of in-person interaction
  2. Infrastructural issues
  3. Lack of online learning options for special needs candidates
  4. Technical problems
  5. Digital illiteracy, etc.
  • How Did Virtual Learning Begin In Malaysia?

Malaysian institutions incorporated online learning in the late 1900s. However, it became more evident after the breakout of the COVID-19. And since then, it has been in trend and people are not getting enough of it. And, rightfully so.

  • What Are The Popular E-Learning Platforms In Malaysia?

There are a lot of e-learning platforms that are being used in Malaysia. Such platforms include Blackboard, Schoology, Moodle, Canvas, and Google Classroom. Each of them permits different functions and features for students to practice their skills efficiently.

  • Which Learning Model Is Common In Malaysia?

Online learning offers a lot of new approaches and models that can be incorporated to meet the requirements. One of the most commonly used models in Malaysia is none other than ‘Flipped Learning’. This learning model pays attention to meaningful learning. Moreover, it also encourages a student-centered learning style.


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