9 Crucial Factors To Look Before Owning Intel Arc GPU Gaming

Intel Arc GPU


A graphics card is often built directly into the CPU. If you want to buy or build the ultimate gaming PC, a good graphics card is essential. There is no component more important than the graphics card. Intel HD and UHD graphics are popular in performance-conscious computers due to their outstanding performance and low power consumption. The latest Intel GPU Arc graphics solutions are designed to make it easier to create, edit and stream high-quality content. Desktop high-performance gaming has a fresh and intriguing product line in the Arc A series. Intel has a graphics card for every gamer.

In this blog, we will look at 9 factors to consider before purchasing Intel Arc GPUs for gaming. Find out more about her by reading on!

Bandwidth: In today’s connected world, bandwidth is critical for everyone. It is the total amount of RAM that can be used by the GPU at once. Higher bandwidth allows for a faster pace at which data can be delivered to a GPU’s shader processors. As a result, graphics in games and videos appear sharply and without lag. You need to know how things work before you can capture the bandwidth. Memory speed and bus size together define bandwidth. For example, if a GPU can read two 64-bit chips at the same time, it is really reading 128 bits instead of the usual 64 bits. The bus width is therefore 642.


If you want to play games at 1080p resolution, you’ll need an Intel Arc card with 8GB of memory or more. To play at the highest settings or use high-resolution texture packs, you will need additional RAM. Additionally, if you’re gaming at really high resolutions like 4K, it’s preferable to have more than 8GB of memory.

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Power connections

All high-end graphics cards require more power than the x16 PCIe slot can provide (approximately 75W). Additional 6- and 8-pin PCIe power connectors are required to power these devices. Some of the cards have 12-pin connectors. 8-pin to 12-pin adapters are also included with some. You may find a single 6-pin connector on a card, many 8-pin connectors, or even 6 and 8-pin connectors on a single card. Your power supply may need to be upgraded if it does not have the required expansion ports. Long-term adapters that use SATA or Molex connections are not recommended.

Need For Additional GPUs

You can connect additional graphics cards to certain graphics cards so that they can be operated in parallel. This can significantly increase performance for intensive games. Multiple graphics cards require a motherboard that can accommodate them, so shop around before upgrading your PC’s graphics components. In general, older GPUs offer better compatibility for multi-GPU setups like SLI and Crossfire. You run the risk of falling behind schedule and missing out on exciting developments like ray tracing; Think carefully before making this decision.

Enough Space

Make sure your case has enough space for your card. Consider the size in terms of length, width and depth. Half-height, single-slot, dual-slot, and triple-slot graphics cards are all viable options. To accommodate all the features, most gaming-oriented cards require not one, but two expansion slots. Modern maps are larger and thicker than their predecessors. A large heatsink and fan shroud could make it appear as if a card is taking up more than two slots in a case. Because of this, it can block a space next to it. So check if you have enough space for one.

Value For Money

The most important element in deciding which graphics card you might get is the price/performance ratio. There are several performance classes for graphics cards, and graphics card costs are subject to regular adjustment. NVIDIA-based graphics cards offer you excellent value for money on various levels. At other levels, the best choice for price/performance might be an AMD-based graphics card. So there really isn’t a single answer to the question of which GPU manufacturer is the best choice. It really depends on your budget and the type of promotions and offers that are running when you purchase your graphics card.

Game Preference

The games you play are also an important factor in deciding which graphics card you should buy. Graphics-intensive games require more powerful graphics cards. Intel Arc GPUs designed for games like Warcraft, DotA 2, PUBG, SimCity etc. will not make it to AAA titles like Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Elden Ring or virtual reality games. So if you play games that don’t put a lot of strain on your system, you can save money by purchasing an entry-level graphics card. However, if you want to play graphics-intensive games, you should invest in a more powerful graphics card.

Upscaling Procedure

Upscaling can increase gaming performance on modern GPUs. It’s a simple concept: the technology creates each frame at a lower resolution and then upscales it to the resolution chosen for the game. The image is upsampled while preserving as much quality as possible. In general, the technique shortens the time it takes to produce a high-quality image. DLSS creates an image that appears to have been created at a higher resolution and then shows it to the viewer. Simply put, FSR is an open source technology that can be used on any modern Intel Arc GPU without the need for special hardware.


Graphics processors tend to get quite hot. The TDP value, which indicates this heat development, is crucial for selecting a suitable GPU. Increasing the number of fans in your computer is essential if your TDP is high. Since fans require more space and power, the TDP number is significant. While massive computer towers offer greater freedom, smaller GPUs require low TDP values.


When looking for a graphics card, you should think about shader cores, throughput, memory, performance, pricing, size and cooling, and much more. Likewise, it is recommended to read internet reviews and forums before purchasing a graphics card. Intel Arc GPU Graphics integrates innovative technologies for smooth gameplay, cutting-edge graphics and robust content production on mobile and desktop platforms. Intel Arc GPUs include machine learning, visual processing, and ray tracing hardware. 

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