3 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views (100% Real and Drip-feed)

best sites to buy youtube views

Gaining a significant number of views on YouTube often proves difficult due to stiff competition and ever-evolving algorithms. This makes obtaining organic views a challenging and time-intensive endeavor. However, a viable alternative exists in the form of purchasing YouTube views.

Opting to purchase YouTube views can enhance your video’s visibility, resulting in greater engagement and popularity. This method serves as an effective shortcut to bypass the obstacles of organic growth, ensuring your content reaches your intended audience.

After evaluating more than 20 websites that offer to buy YouTube views, we have identified the top three platforms. This review will provide a comprehensive analysis of these sites, aiding you in making an informed choice to augment your YouTube channel.

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Let’s delve into the details!

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views

1. Famups

Famups stands out for its commitment to authenticity, offering genuine YouTube views. The views provided are from real individuals and are characterized by high retention, ensuring a lasting impact on your channel.

The service offers a variety of YouTube view types, including live stream, YouTube shorts, and premiere waiting views, delivered in a gradual manner to mimic natural growth. Famups.com’s pricing is competitive, with packages starting from 3,000 views for $19, extending up to 1 million YouTube views.

Additionally, Famups allows for targeted view purchases, catering to specific regions like the UK or USA. This feature is particularly beneficial for reaching your desired audience swiftly.

Famups ensures customer satisfaction with a 30-day money-back guarantee and supports multiple payment methods, including PayPal and cryptocurrency.

Beyond views, Famups also offers YouTube subscribers, likes, watch hours, and comments. It has been recognized by Montereyherald, Timesheraldonline, and MercuryNews as a top choice for purchasing YouTube views.

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  • Genuine YouTube views
  • High retention rate
  • Live Chat support
  • Broad range of YouTube services
  • Various payment options
  • 60-day refill guarantee Disadvantages
  • No free trial option Why Famups is Recommended? Famups is renowned for its authenticity, excellent customer support, and a broad spectrum of services. Positive reviews on platforms like Sitejabber and Reviews.io attest to its reliability. For authentic, targeted YouTube views, Famups is an ideal choice.

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower is a reliable platform for purchasing affordable YouTube views. It distinguishes itself by providing high-quality, non-bot-generated views that comply with YouTube’s guidelines.

The platform offers slow-drip views to ensure organic-looking growth and supports location-specific view targeting.

GetAFollower’s versatility in package offerings, including the option to purchase up to 1 million views, stands out. These views are delivered gradually to maintain authenticity.

The platform is secure, requiring no sensitive information from your YouTube account, ensuring data safety.

Their customer service is highly responsive, available through live chat to promptly address any queries. The site also supports various payment methods for convenience.


  • Authentic and genuine views
  • Ability to target specific audiences
  • Drip Feed delivery for natural growth
  • Efficient customer support
  • Multiple payment options
  • 30-day money-back guarantee Disadvantages
  • Lack of telephone support Why GetAFollower is Recommended? GetAFollower is recommended for its swift and legitimate approach to enhancing your YouTube presence. With affordable packages and a range of quantities, it is a trustworthy choice for those seeking to buy YouTube views.

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is a prominent company offering a range of social media promotional services, including YouTube views.

The platform is noted for its non-drop views, ensuring a stable view count. Like its counterparts, Buy Real Media offers a variety of YouTube view types at affordable prices. Their Live Chat Support is a significant advantage for immediate assistance.

Safety is paramount with Buy Real Media, providing secure YouTube view purchases on their protected website.


  • High-quality views with a non-drop guarantee
  • Diverse types of views
  • Live Chat Support
  • Secure and user-friendly website
  • Competitive pricing Disadvantages
  • Slower delivery times Why Buy Real Media is Recommended? Buy Real Media is recommended for its commitment to providing real, engaging YouTube views at affordable prices. The company’s focus on customer support and prompt delivery adds value to their services.

Methodology for Ranking the best sites to buy YouTube view The pursuit of rapid YouTube growth can lead to risky methods, potentially damaging one’s reputation. Our aim is to guide you to the best platforms, avoiding such pitfalls.

We have extensively researched numerous platforms, rigorously evaluating their services to distinguish genuine views from artificial ones.

Our rankings are based on trustworthiness and reliability, guided by key criteria:

Criteria for Selection:

  • Real Views: Authentic views from actual people are crucial for genuine engagement and credibility. Our recommended platforms focus on real, active views, avoiding fake or automated interactions.
  • Delivery Time: Prompt and discreet delivery is vital. The endorsed platforms provide a steady growth in views, avoiding sudden spikes.
  • Location-Based Views: For targeting specific audiences, our chosen platforms offer country-targeted views, allowing creators to connect with specific demographics effectively.

Customer Feedback

Feedback from customers is a critical measure of a platform’s effectiveness. Our top picks have garnered consistently positive feedback from their users. Genuine user testimonials reflect that these platforms receive recognition for their high-quality service and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Secure Payment

Methods The platforms we endorse place a high emphasis on secure payment methods to safeguard your financial details. They utilize SSL encryption and other security measures in their payment systems, ensuring the confidentiality of your data. This security allows you to confidently purchase views for your YouTube videos, providing essential peace of mind.

Money-Back Assurance

In the realm of purchasing YouTube views, transparency and trust are crucial. Our selected platforms offer a comprehensive money-back guarantee, reflecting their commitment to their services. This guarantee protects your investment and underscores the platforms’ assurance in fulfilling their commitments.

Customer Service Excellence

A robust support system signifies a platform’s dedication to customer satisfaction. The platforms we have chosen provide efficient and professional customer support. Their prompt and reliable customer assistance highlights their commitment to your needs, ensuring you have support for any inquiries or issues during your interaction with their services.

Comprehensive Guide to Buying YouTube Views

YouTube views represent the count of how many times a video has been watched on the YouTube platform. They are a vital metric indicating a video’s popularity and audience reach. YouTube calculates views by combining user interactions and anti-fraud measures. The system counts a view when a user watches a video for a significant duration (usually a few seconds).

YouTube’s algorithm also screens for low-quality views, such as automated or repeated plays from the same IP address. This filtration ensures the view count authentically reflects genuine engagement, making it an essential measure for content creators and advertisers to assess a video’s influence.

Safely Purchasing YouTube Views

To buy YouTube views safely, begin by identifying reputable providers offering legitimate, high-retention views. This approach ensures the integrity of your video and helps avoid potential sanctions. After selecting a reliable vendor, navigate to their website and choose a suitable package.

Enter your video’s URL and any necessary details. Proceed with payment using secure methods such as PayPal or credit card. Following payment verification, the views will gradually increase, maintaining a semblance of authenticity.

Benefits of Buying YouTube Views for Your Channel

Purchasing YouTube views can significantly enhance your channel in various ways. Firstly, it increases the perceived popularity of your content, attracting more viewers. High view counts tend to encourage more clicks and views.

Moreover, a higher view count can boost your video’s ranking in search results and recommendations, amplifying its exposure. This can lead to more organic views, likes, and subscribers, effectively jumpstarting your channel’s growth and establishing credibility, particularly for new creators.

Additionally, buying views can accelerate the monetization process. YouTube requires 3,000 watch hours for monetization, which can be a lengthy goal to achieve. By purchasing views, you can swiftly increase your watch hours, facilitating a quicker path to earning revenue from YouTube.

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