How to move cheaply?

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When you want to move , there’s nothing better than calling on a furniture storage company like I Removals Birmingham to have peace of mind. Of course, this comes at a cost, but depending on the service options you choose, you can vary the price. In addition, you will be accompanied by experts to help you with your procedures and changes of residence. So, are you wondering how to move cheaply? Here are all our tips to help you save some money.

Administrative procedures

When you decide to move to save some money, it is best to do it in advance. Indeed, if you take the administrative steps for your notice of 3 months for an unfurnished and 1 month for a furnished. You avoid having two homes at the same time and therefore paying double the rent. Remember to check if you are in a tense area, the notice period is 1 month in these sectors.

Moreover, by doing this you can already contact the super movers companies to make quotes giving them your exact needs. They estimate the real cost. They estimate the real cost of moving and the prices will be cheaper than if you call them at the last minute. of moving and the prices will be cheaper than if you call them at the last minute.

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Cheap moving: what to think about before moving?


When you start to organize your move , the first thing to do is to take stock of your needs. By doing this, you will be able to determine what volume you will have to transport. The moving route will play a role in the price of your move. Indeed, the price will not be the same if you move to the same city as to a neighboring city. If you change the region, you can multiply it by two. It will really depend on the proximity between the old and new accommodation. 


Accessibility of places

Please note that prices vary depending on whether your future accommodation is on one level or on an upper floor. It will be more expensive if it is on the top floor of a building due to difficulty of access.

You can lower prices by taking care of certain tasks yourself, such as loading or unloading on site.

Cheap moving: what you can do yourself to save money

When you call on a professional, there is an economical formula. This will allow you to reduce your budget but for that you will have to get to work. In fact, you will have to carry out certain tasks that are not included in the formula such as:

  • Sorting through your belongings helps reduce the volume of items to be moved. You have the opportunity to get rid of objects, clothes, etc., that you no longer use.
  • Have the appropriate equipment: cardboard, adhesive rolls , markers, protective covers , etc. Everything you need to make moving easier.
  • Have the number of boxes needed for the move. Choose suitable boxes depending on heavy or light objects. You can estimate the number of boxes you will need to avoid running out on the big day.
  • Take care of packing, dismantling and installing furniture in your new home.

This last step allows you to save a lot of money. The home movers company will only take care of loading and delivery to your new home.


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