How to Sell Used Furniture and Appliances in Dubai?

Used furniture buyers

There are lots of ways to sell used furniture. And giving it to friends is usually not the most profitable. The best option is to advertise. You can place an ad for the sale of furniture:

  • on the notice board;
  • in the private classifieds newspaper;
  • on private classifieds sites;
  • on the Internet on forums with “buy-sell” topics – a particularly fast way if the forum is relevant and popular (for example, you can easily sell a crib on a forum for future mothers).

I am selling old furniture…

If you want furniture to be bought quickly and without numerous previews, you need to correctly compose an ad and set a suitable price.

How to sell furniture fast?

A few tips on how to sell furniture the right way.

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Prepare furniture before sale: repair all mechanisms, and clean the surface, if there are not enough parts (legs, wheels) – buy and install them.

Carefully describe the furniture, and highlight all the useful information: size, model, color, shape, and lifetime.

Attach some photos of the furniture. A photo increases the chances of selling furniture by 70%!

Determine the acceptable price of the furniture, based on its appearance, lifespan, and modernity of the model.

Provide contact details: mobile phone, email address, home phone number, and a convenient time to contact the buyer.

The simplest, fastest, and most common way is to place an ad on the Internet. The advantages of selling furniture online are obvious:

  • lack of intermediaries;
  • message size is not limited;
  • the ability to attach photos;
  • ease of searching using structured directories;
  • Ease of email contact.

By following all the above tips, you will quickly and profitably solve the problem: how to sell Used furniture and appliances. And you will have even more opportunities to buy the furniture of your dreams!

How to quickly sell a large amount of office furniture at once?

Our company is known in Moscow as the fastest in the acquisition and disposal of large offices. While others take weeks to remove furniture, we sprinted to remove 250 jobs in 12 hours! This unprecedented speed is possible only if there is sufficient experience and high-quality organization. To evaluate the furniture in large quantities, send an indicative list and photos with examples, you will be assigned a personal purchasing manager who will come and make a detailed calculation.

Calling our company for the purchase of furniture, you save money, you are paid conveniently: in cash or a current account and you will save time guaranteed. Fast! Qualitative! Profitable!

Updating the interior of your apartment is a very interesting and exciting process. You can change the kitchen set or bedroom furniture, or you can replace a single piece of furniture, such as an old sofa, wardrobe, table, or chest of drawers. All options are available on our website.

How to profitably and urgently sell used office furniture?

If you have not sold office furniture before, please note that before completing an application, you must complete 4 steps:

  • count and record office furniture in stock: first the number of furniture sets of a type of wood, then the piece of furniture;
  • take clear photos of the furniture in good light: in sets, disassembled or folded – it doesn’t matter;
  • pay attention to how many meters are transported in the room from the offices to the elevator and from the elevator to the parking lot;
  • complete the application, indicating all details and contact information;

After that, wait for a call from the furniture purchasing manager during business hours in 15-30 minutes. The more accurate information you provide, the more accurate the manager can provide.

How to sell custom VIP office furniture?

Used furniture buyers in Dubai also buy unique executive offices at competitive prices. Take some photos and send the details with your contact information. In this case, the manager will personally come for inspection and evaluation.

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