In-demand Trade Jobs in Canada in 2024: You Need to Know

In-demand Trade Jobs in Canada in 2024: You Need to Know

If you are a skilled tradesperson seeking jobs in Canada for Indians, you must know that Canada has a good demand for several skilled trade jobs. Skilled Trade Workers can apply for Canada PR Visa through the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Many sectors in Canada are covered under Skilled Trades such as Construction, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transportation, etc. Skilled trades jobs in Canada are categorized as ‘B’ Skill Level under NOC – National Occupational Classification.

Overseas nationals can access abundant skilled trades jobs in Canada. Eligible candidates can immigrate to Canada through FSTP under the Express Entry System.

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Owing to the robust Canadian economy that is constantly expanding and growing, thousands of skilled trades workers are required. Consequently, employers are ready to offer higher remuneration to qualified and skilled workers. Further, eligible applicants also have to possess skills specified by the employer or employment agency in Canada.

Skilled Trade Jobs

Skilled trade jobs include occupations that need hands-on work and specialized knowledge. Some of these occupations include Electricians, Plumbers, Construction workers, etc. Evidently, these workers make a valuable contribution to the infrastructure of the nation and the general well-being of the citizens and residents. They are employed in diverse sectors and offer services frequently utilized by the majority of Canadians like Dentistry, Hair Styling, Food Services, etc.

Typically, individuals get trained in skilled trades via vocational programs, OJT – On-the-Job Training apprenticeships, or college programs. Several skilled trades need certification or registration from the Regulatory Authority in the Province or Territory in Canada. It is to ensure that all skilled trade workers possess the knowledge required for completing their work efficiently and safely. 

The top ten in-demand Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada are:

Truck Drivers

Candidates seeking to work as Truck Drivers in Canada require a legitimate Canadian Driver’s License before accepting employment. This occupation is in good demand and included among the top ten highly paid skilled trades jobs.

Further, innumerable job prospects are available to Truck Drivers in Canada. These include Fuel Truck Operators, Delivery Drivers, Truck Drivers Supervisors, Water Truck Operators, etc.

Truck Drivers in Canada are offered an estimated hourly wage in the range of 20 CAD to 105 CAD. They can earn an annual income of up to CAD 350,000.


Overseas nationals having plumbing skills can get jobs in Canada such as servicing, repairing, and installing Drains, Pipes, Sewers, Fixtures, Water Heaters, etc.

Plumbers in Canada can get an hourly wage of CAD 20 to CAD 65. Owing to the extensive range of their services, they get several jobs. Experienced and highly skilled plumbers can earn an annual salary of up to CAD 200,000.


Overseas Chefs can work as Professionals Cooks, Head Cooks, or Chefs in Canada. They are employed in Resorts, Hotels, and Restaurants and offered an hourly wage of CAD 15 to CAD 57. Chefs can earn an annual salary of up to 156,000 CAD.


Canada has a huge demand for Welders owing to the nature of their occupation. They are employed by innumerable Steel Industries, Shipyards, and Construction Firms in Canada.

Welders are offered an hourly wage of an average of CAD 20 to CAD 95. They can also receive an annual salary of up to CAD 150,000.


Carpenters are always needed at the sites of Construction. Further, they are also required for making furniture or repairing wooden products. Carpenters make and repair furniture like Chairs, Desks, Shelves, etc. They can earn an average hourly wage of CAD 20 to CAD 65 in Canada.

Carpenters can also receive an annual salary of up to CAD 150,000 in Canada.


Maintaining, Repairing, and Installing electrical equipment as well as wiring in Canada are quite expensive. Electricians can thus earn an average hourly wage of CAD 25 to CAD in Canada. They can also receive an annual salary of up to CAD 110,000.


Helping people in cutting and beautifying their hair in diverse trendy styles, Hairstylists are also demanded in Canada. They can earn an average hourly wage of CAD 15 to CAD 70 in Canada. Moreover, if you are employed in any of the leading Hair Salons, you can also earn up to an annual salary of 93,000 USD.

Industrial Mechanics and Millwrights

Diverse skills are required for working as Industrial Mechanics and Millwrights in Canada. They are chiefly involved in installing, repairing, servicing, and uninstalling machinery in Manufacturing facilities and Plants.

Industrial Mechanics and Millwrights in Canada can earn an average hourly wage of CAD 25 to CAD 53. They can also receive an annual salary of up to CAD 90,000.


One of the top ten highly paid skilled trades occupations in Canada; Bricklayers require masonry skills for constructing diverse building structures through the usage of bricks. Some instances of these building structures are Offices, Homes, Churches, etc.

Bricklayers are offered an average hourly wage of CAD 20 to CAD 56.

Transport and Truck Mechanics

Truck and Transport Mechanics can work with firms that assist Truck and Logistics owners in maintaining their vehicle performance. Apart from this, they run diagnoses, carry out repairs, and service buses and trucks.

The average hourly wage for Transport and Truck Mechanics in Canada is CAD 20 to CAD 58.

Overall, tradespersons are employed in various crucial occupations as they help in movement, safely housed and comfortable. Those who are involved in these occupations can look forward to earning competitive wages and finding fulfilling careers through their skills.

Individuals seeking to launch their careers or change careers must consider a trade occupation owing to the huge demand and prospects in terms of growth and career. Especially in the booming construction sector, the demand continues to increase year after year.

So, overseas skilled tradespersons seeking to immigrate to Canada have abundant job opportunities and lucrative pay in various sectors. They can utilize this to access a good lifestyle and various benefits.

If you too are looking to move to Canada as a tradesperson and Check eligibility for Canada PR contact the Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi Nationwide Visas.

Learn about the in-demand Trade Jobs in Canada in 2024

Know the top ten highly paid occupations for Tradespersons in Canada. Understand their various employer industries and average hourly wage.

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