Is Euphoria based on a true story?

Is Euphoria based on a true story


Euphoria is a new HBO series that follows the lives of several high school students trying to make sense of their world. The show has been compared to several other titles, including Big Little Lies and 13 Reasons Why. But is Euphoria based on a true story? And what can you learn about it?

In this article, we’ll answer those questions—and more—so you can determine if watching Euphoria is right for you.

Is Euphoria based on a true story?

Euphoria is based on a true story. It is based on an Israeli show called Ha-Hamama (Desire), created by Rotem Sela and Nir Bergman. The series first aired in 2013, so it’s not that old; however, some of the characters and plot points are based on real people from all over the world who work in entertainment, pharmaceuticals, or health care industries. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable examples:

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  • Mitzi Kinsky (played by Zendaya) may be loosely based on Paris Hilton or other socialites who became famous for being famous. She also seems like she could be modelled after Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner—two other young women who became household names thanks to reality TV shows starring themselves.

Is Euphoria a real show?

Euphoria is a new HBO drama that’s been getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike. The show follows a group of teenagers navigating their relationships, sexuality and drug use in high school. With its beautiful cinematography and compelling writing, it seems impossible for Euphoria to be anything other than real life—but does this teenage drama resemble what it’s like growing up?

The answer is yes! And no…sort of?

Euphoria’s premise was inspired by the book called “Kingfisher,” written by Lily King and based on the life experiences of her daughter Justine Kingsley (also known as “Jade”). Justine and Jade are portrayed in Euphoria by Zendaya Coleman as Jules Vaughn: an aspiring writer who moves into New York City following her parents’ divorce. But while the similarities between Justine/Jade and Zendaya/Jules may seem evident at first glance, some crucial differences between them still make Euphoria less like real life than you might think!

Is Rue based on a natural person?

Rue is based on a natural person. However, the show’s creators have said that they wanted to focus on the story of someone who committed suicide rather than a teenager who another person killed.

The character Rue is based on a young woman named Leelah Alcorn, who committed suicide in December 2014 at age 17 by jumping off a bridge over Interstate 71 near her home in Ohio. She left behind an eloquent blog post describing how she’d been born male but had always felt female and had been picked on for her gender identity from an early age. Her death became national news because it seemed like so many people were affected; over 100,000 signatures backed an online petition calling for better treatment for transgender teens after her death was widely reported in the media.

A lot of the events in Euphoria seem like they’re too unbelievable to be accurate.

Euphoria is based on the novel of the same name by The Virgin Suicides author Jeffrey Eugenides. As a storyteller with a long track record in writing about the darker side of adolescence and humanity (and who also wrote for The Sopranos), it’s no surprise that this show has an edge. While some moments feel too dark or over-the-top to be accurate, there are plenty of moments in this show that could happen in real life—whether they’d make good TV is another question entirely!

As you may know, several different genres under which people might classify television shows: comedy, drama and horror all fit under the umbrella term of “drama”. At the same time, a thriller would fall under “thriller”. So what exactly makes Euphoria so unique? It combines elements from all four categories into one series!


The story of Euphoria is a wild ride and one that everyone should read. I loved it so much that I stayed up past midnight to continue reading because I couldn’t put the book down. The characters are so well developed that as soon as you meet them, they feel like old friends—or enemies, depending on how crazy things get for them! This book is perfect for anyone who loves psychological thriller novels but enjoys books with a hint of romance thrown into the mix. If you’re looking for a new series to fall in love with, don’t miss out on this one!

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