Is Sing 2 OK For Three-Year-Olds?

Is Sing 2 OK For Three-Year-Olds?


Sing 2 is a fun, animated musical that will keep you and your kids entertained. It’s got a lot of funny moments, but it also has some adult humour.

Sing two age rating

  • Sing 2 is rated PG, which means it’s not appropriate for kids under 5.
  • It’s not appropriate for kids under the age of 8.
  • It’s inappropriate for kids under ten unless you want your child to repeat every swear word they’ve ever heard.

Will a 3-year-old be able to see Sing 2?

While it’s true that Sing 2 is rated PG, that doesn’t mean your toddler needs to be at least six years old to see it. What’s important is whether or not your three-year-old can sit still for an hour and a half without getting restless or bored. If they’re more likely to watch a full episode of Peppa Pig than any other television show (and most kids are), then Sing 2 might not be the best choice for them at this point. However, give it a shot if they have some patience and are willing to try something new!

Just keep in mind that Sing 2 does include some adult humour (not as much as the first one), so if you think your child may find some parts inappropriate, don’t hesitate to have them cover their eyes during those scenes!

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Sing 2 is a movie that is rated PG.

Sing 2 is a movie that is rated PG. It is not rated R, nor is it rated G or PG-13. However, this does not mean it’s appropriate for every age group.

  • For example, if you have a 5-year-old child who wants to see Sing 2 with you, you should know what kind of movie it is before taking them along on your date night with your spouse.

Is Sing 2 appropriate for young kids?

Sing 2, the sequel to the 2016 hit Sing, is a musical comedy about a singing competition. The film stars Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon and Taron Egerton as Johnny Worthington. It also has many other familiar faces like Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Seth MacFarlane and John C. Reilly.

The original Sing grossed over $600 million at the box office, so it’s no surprise they decided to make another one! And while we don’t have an exact release date yet, we know it’ll be coming out sometime this year (2019).

To learn more about what you can expect from this sequel, I recommend reading my review of the original movie here: https://www.screenrant.com/sing-movie-review/.

How are the adults portrayed in Sing 2?

The adults in Sing 2 are portrayed as silly and funny, but not in a negative way. Although some adult humour may go over your kid’s head, the movie’s overall message is that the grown-ups are just as lovable and goofy as the kids.

In one scene, Buster Moon (the main character) finds himself in an embarrassing situation: he has to use the bathroom at a fancy restaurant where he’s about to perform with his animal friends. He tries to disguise himself by wearing a suit jacket over his rear end while he waits for an opportunity to excuse himself from his table. The waiter notices something strange and offers him help: “You look like you’ve got something big under there!” The waiter permits him to leave so he can use the restroom quickly before they begin their performance—and then reminds him not to forget his pants when he returns!

Sing 2 has some pretty funny moments but is not as good as the original.

The original Sing 2 was much better than the sequel. While it is not as funny, touching or entertaining as the first movie, it does have its moments. The songs are catchy and well-done, although some feel they were put in to pad the running time.

If you want to take your little one to see a movie about singing animals and people that don’t exist in real life (but should), then this is a good choice. However, if you want something that will entertain adults too—and make them think about how hard it must be for those poor animals who have no choice but to be performers—then I recommend avoiding this one altogether.

Some adult jokes may go over your kid’s head.

Some adult jokes may go over your kid’s head. Sing 2 is a musical comedy, so you can expect the humour to be wacky and silly most of the time. However, some jokes may not be appropriate for kids under 7 or 8 years old because of their content. Some jokes are a little racy; some are violent; some are scary; some are too sexual and political for younger audiences. If you’re concerned about your child being exposed to these themes and situations at an early age, Sing 2 isn’t for them yet.


Sing 2 has some adult jokes that might not be suitable for 3-year-olds. However, it is still a fun movie with a lot of heart and humour.

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