Netgear Orbi Purple Light: How to Fix?


So, you have an Orbi mesh system that you installed using the Netgear Orbi login details. But is the Orbi LED lit in purple color? Are you unable to connect to internet from Orbi? Are you looking for a solution for this? We can help you. This very post is meant to provide you with the best fixes for the Netgear Orbi purple light issues.

Let us tell you that you can use these troubleshooting hacks for any Orbi model that you own. Let’s dive in.

How to Fix Orbi Purple Light?

Some users refer to this light color as pink while others call it purple. Both imply the same. Use the fixes given ahead to solve the problem with your Orbi.

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1.Bring Router Near Modem

The primary reason for a purple light on the Orbi router is a poor connection to the internet. So, you must first verify the connection between the Orbi router and modem. The router gets its signals from the modem, so if they are not connected properly, you should fix it first. There are chances that the router is out of range. So, get it closer to the modem so that it gets its signals properly.

2.Replace the LAN Cable

Try using a LAN cable to establish connection between the Orbi router and modem. We recommend this because wired connections are always better than wireless ones. But you must put to use a good cable that is tightly inserted into the right ports on both devices. Refrain from using a faulty cable and making loose connections.

3.Reboot Orbi

Rebooting gives network connection a fresh start. If there are any pending updates, they get a push as well. So, restart the Orbi router right away. Unplug it and let it remain this way for some time. After about 5 to 10 minutes, plug in the Orbi and turn it on. Is the purple light still showing up on it? Try logging in using orbilogin.net and see if internet is working or not.

4.Update the Modem

Maybe your modem needs an update. You might not have updated its firmware for a long time. Log in to your modem web interface and get its firmware up to date.  As soon as the modem is updated, connect it to the Orbi router and see if the purple light bids you goodbye this time.

5.Power Cycle the Whole Network

It is now time you power cycle your entire home network. But be careful while you’re doing it as you will need to remove the cables and wires. Remember which cable goes where and avoid making a mess. The process goes as follows:

  • Turn off the Netgear Orbi router and get its power cable unplugged.
  • Next, power down the modem and unplug it.
  • Remove the LAN cable connecting these devices.
  • If there’s any other cable connected, take out that as well.
  • You should wait for some time now.
  • Insert the LAN cable back into the devices.
  • Plug in and power on the modem first.
  • Next, power on the Orbi.

Now, let the devices boot up and then see if the Orbi router still has the purple light on.

6.Reset the Orbi

When no other fix helps you solve the purple light, then you should reset your Orbi router to the factory settings. This deleted every customized detail from the Orbi. This also removes any glitch in the configurations that’s causing the issue. Use these steps to reset your Orbi:

  • Detach the LAN cable from the Orbi router.
  • See that the Orbi is powered up.
  • Push and hold the button labeled Reset on the router.
  • The router will reboot itself.

Once the Orbi is booted up, you need to connect it back to the modem. Connect your computer or phone to its network. Go to Orbi router login page on a browser or Orbi app. Carry out the setup procedure and give your Orbi a fresh beginning.

Wrap Up

You’ll no longer see your Orbi router showing purple or pink light once you’ve applied the fixes highlighted in this post. Since your Orbi is set up again, go ahead and customize its settings as per your preference.

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