Netgear WiFi Extender Firmware Not Getting Updated? Why?

Not being able to upgrade the firmware of the Netgear wireless range extender can leave the user frustrated. Why? Well, as it is preventing him from taking full advantage of his networking device. Did you too try to go about the same process using mywifiext but ended up getting stuck with failure? In order to help you out, we have penned down at least five to six reasons as well as the solutions that can be used to fix the issue in debate.


Why Did Netgear Extender Firmware Update Fail?

1. Wrong Steps Were Followed

The first and foremost reason why you failed to upgrade the software of your networking device is that you followed the wrong instructions. From where did you refer? Was it a third-party website? Yes? Well, that is exactly where you stepped off of the track. Know that no third-party website is right when it comes to executing a process as important as updating the software of the Netgear range extender to the latest version.

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Solution: The right source to take reference from is the official website of Netgear. Taking this into consideration, you ought to make your way there in a matter of minutes.

2. Cache-Accumulated Browser

In view of you reading this solution, it means one thing that you are still not able to get the best of your device because of the same problem. This could be because of a web or internet browser related problem that is being used. We are assuming that it is not clean. This means that it is not free from browsing history, cookies, and cache. Perhaps, you forgot to clean it before using it to access the setup wizard.

Solution: Access the settings of your internet browser, whether it is Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or any other browser and free it from browsing history as well as cache.

3. Downloaded Wrong Version

Whether you have done Netgear EX2700 setup or configured any other model, every extender comes with a model number which ought to be entered when one needs to update the firmware. If this is exactly where you messed up, then it is no shocker why you are reading this post. In this case, you ought to walk through the solution mentioned in the next section of this article or post you are reading.

Solution: Refer to the user manual, become certain of the model number of your Netgear wireless range extender, enter it when required, and update the firmware.

4. Unstable Internet Connection

In case you are still losing your mind because of your inability to update the firmware of your Netgear wifi range extender, then it is recommended that you check the internet or WiFi connection your client device is accessing at the moment. Is it stable? No? It could be because your client device is joined to the network wirelessly. This might be forcing the internet connection to drop every now and then thereby leading you here.

Solution: Gain access to an Ethernet cable, connect its one end to the extender and another to the client device, and then, wait for your client device to have WiFi access.

5. Improper Device Installation

Have you considered the possibility that you could have done impartial Netgear extender installation due to which you ended up failing when it came down to updating the firmware of your networking device? No? Well then, you ought to do so without wasting any more of your time. Now, the question is how you can get rid of this reason without resetting your networking device to the default factory values?

Solution: The truth is you cannot. Performing Netgear extender reset is important if you want to set up your Netgear wireless range extender from scratch.

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The Conclusion

Netgear wifi extender firmware is very important as it ensures that it works well at every hour of the day. However, considering you ended up failing during the execution of this process, we are hoping that now you will be able to resolve the issue that you were experiencing with ease after going through the tips mentioned above. In case you did, then you ought to pat yourself on the back or leave a comment below.

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