How to Reset PST Password Free With Best Methods – Described


This is a normal query, “How to reset PST Password”. This problem is generated in many conditions. You will see all the things related to your problem. Also, the best and most appropriate solutions are described. So, you do have not to worry about any problem related to this thing. 

Different methods are present for your issue to solve it gently. All the methods are selected for you from top approaches. All the related things that can help you are present, to choose the appropriate method according to your condition. So, read gently and please do not skip anything.

Conditions Generated to Change PST Password

As per the previous discussion, there are many conditions under which you decided to remove PST password. You will see these scenarios in detail.

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  1. Sharing of PST File:- Also this scenario has two conditions one is when you share an Outlook Data File and the second is when you get a PST data file. 

    => First, you want to share a PST file with your friend but you do not want to share the personal information that is present in the password. So, you decided to reset PST password of the Outlook PST data file. You have to apply a password because cyber crimes are increasing day by day. 

    => Second, if any of your friends send a PST data file of Outlook? When you opened it needed a password to open. When you tell this thing then your friend denies that he does not have the password. So, you decided to change PST password to access the important data information present in that PST file.

  2. Forgot Password:- This may also be a cause of removing the password to access the information. Because you need the present information inside that locked PST file, then you have to do this thing. 

Approaches to Reset PST Password Free

In this blog, there are two approaches elaborated according to all conditions. The advantages and disadvantages help the user. Also, the pros and cons that in which condition which method is best are present. These strategies are known as manual and professional. You will see these in elaborate form to choose the better option for your condition.

Change PST Password Using the Manual Approach

This approach is given by MS Outlook, that’s why we call it the annual method. Outlook is an email client that manages the emails of your mail account.  This approach is not good for bulk PST data files to remove PST password.

These are the Steps to Help Users in Using This Manual Method.

Step 1. Open your Outlook email client if you have otherwise first install it. 

Step 2. Click on the Info button after opening the File menu for further process.

Step 3. Open the Accounts Settings option when you completed the previous steps.

Step 4. Select a PST data file from the Data File option to browse it to reset PST password.

Step 5. Select the Change Password option from the Settings menu to change the PST password.

Step 6. Enter the older password and confirm the new password that you want to apply.

Step 7. Click on the OK button or press the Enter button from the keyboard.

Note:- This method will help you only when you have the older password. Because there is no high technology used in Outlook that can eliminate the older or present password. To remove the forgotten password you need a technical expert’s approach that can help in this condition.

Is this Possible to Reset PST Password When Forgotten

This is a normal user query who does not know about the technology. So, I want to share this thing that now the technical experts have the solution for this problem. They generated an automated tool with the help of technical experts. 

It is applicable when Outlook security is not more complex. This generates or develops a negative impact on the user’s mind. Also, if you saw that this thing makes the third-party tool eliminate the password from the PST data file. So, the best software is described that can help you in this condition.

Professional Approach to Remove PST Password Free

This method is the best of all the main professional approaches. Technical experts of SysTools have created this method to help users reset PST password. They offer their automatic PST Password Remover Tool which can remove the forgotten password. It is also useful to simply remove the multilingual password.

It can remove thousands of Outlook data file passwords at once. This can save users time. User can add their PST file search if they forgot the target. In addition, at the end of the process, the user receives a report with all the information. This means how many files are open and how many are not. Mainly, this tool is free for everyone in the demo version. Additionally, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is useful for all technical or non-technical background users. Anyone can easily use this software.

Simple Steps of this Professional Approach to Reset PST Password

Step 1. Install the software after the Downloadation process.

Step 2. Run and select the Add Files and Folders option to add the number of Files.

Step 3. Search those PST files whose destination is not in your mind to add.

Step 4. Choose the destination location where you can save the unlocked PST files.

Step 5. Click on the Remove Password button to unlock the added PST files.

Note:- If the user wants to remove the forgotten password then this method is best. But if you want to apply the password again to make PST secure then you have to use the manual method again. Because this method will not help the user to apply password protection.


This blog has the solution to the query of the user “How to Reset PST Password”. Both approaches work to change of PST password without paying any cost. Also, users can use any method according to the requirements of the situation. 

However, the manual method will only help in the condition of having the older password to remove. Otherwise, use the professional method, it will help without using the password.

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