SRK’s Pathaan faces wrath on Twitter

SRK's Pathaan faces wrath on Twitter

SRK’s Pathaan faces wrath on Twitter

SRK’s Pathaan: The release of Shahrukh Khan’s movie, Raees, was spoiled by a Pakistani Pathaan, who has taken to Twitter to vent his ire over the movie.

This has caused an uproar on social media as people are asking for the handle of this person and taking it upon themselves to post threats on him.

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘pathaan’ (minion) has upset his fans on Twitter.

Superstar SRK’s Pathaan (minion) has upset his fans on Twitter. The actor’s fans are not happy with Pathaan, who is seen in Chintuji 2, and have taken to the microblogging website to express their disapproval of the character played by Vivek Oberoi.

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Fans are angry because Pathaan is not a good actor:

  • He does not act well enough for them to enjoy his performance as much as they would want to
  • Therefore, he should stop trying so hard and just make silly faces like he did in the movie Jaan-E-Mann

SRK had roped in a man, named ‘Pathaan’ (also known as Faizal Siddiqui), to promote FAN.

SRK had roped in a man, named ‘Pathaan’ (also known as Faizal Siddiqui), to promote FAN. He was seen dancing and singing on the sets of his films.

There is no denying that SRK’s Pathaan is one of the biggest names in Bollywood today. But what does it mean? Well, according to UrbanDictionary, it is a common term used for people from North India. It can also be used as an endearment for someone your parents know or a minion who works for you; meaning servant.

Faizal is seen posing with the ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood and sharing the new poster of FAN.

The Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, who is set to make a comeback on the big screen with FAN has shared the first poster of his upcoming film. The poster shows an excited SRK standing in front of a mirror with his right hand touching his face and wearing a bright blue shirt.

A man posing as a woman is definitely not something new in Bollywood. Faizal Khan who starred in Aamir Khan’s super-hit Ghajini was seen posing as a woman quite often during promotions for the movie. 

He tried to pull off another stunt by sharing SRK’s first look from FAN but it backfired badly!

SRK’s fans are not very pleased with this attempt.

SRK’s fans are not very pleased with this attempt.

The fans have been tweeting the hashtag #NotMyPathan, which was started by SRK fan clubs to show their anger at his latest poster.

The hashtag has now become a trend on Twitter.

People are expressing their displeasure at the new poster and how it does not represent Pathaan’s character in any way. The characteristic stoic nature of Pathaan is nowhere in sight, and his face remains expressionless throughout the entire film.

While some fans claim that they do not mind an onscreen romance between Pathaan and Kajal if it makes sense for both characters.

Why did they have to include Kajal when she could have been replaced by other female leads such as Shabana Azmi or Amrita Singh?

The fans are reacting angrily to Pathaan’s presence on Twitter

When Pathaan’s account was first discovered, the public reaction was largely negative. Many people tweeted their displeasure at the sight of Pathaan online.

They were not a fan of his work and that he had no business being on Twitter. 

He was not a good human being—or even a good person at all.


Shah Rukh Khan’s fans are not happy with his minions Faizal Siddiqui and Mika Singh. The Superstar is facing backlash from the social media users, who are angry over their presence in FAN’s promotional activities. Shah Rukh has roped in Pathaan to promote his upcoming film FAN on Twitter. However, SRK’s fans are not pleased with this move as they feel it is an invasion of privacy.

Blatant misuse of power by the superstar.

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