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The standard moving service is also called Comfort. In this service, the tasks are divided between you and your mover. In short, you take care of the packaging of non-fragile objects, namely clothes, books, household linen, kitchen utensils, etc. Your movers and packers take care of the packaging of the clothes on hangers, the dismantling and reassembly of furniture, the packaging of fragile items (dishes, trinkets, etc.), and the protection of furniture.


The price of moving a cubic meter in the standard category varies from £45 to £55 if the distance between the two addresses is less than 30 km. It can reach 100 to 130£ when the distance exceeds 500 km.

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The value of your property also has an impact on the price of the service. Moving furniture worth £30,000 costs more than moving furniture worth £40,000. It is a percentage of the value which is taken for insurance and which is equivalent to approximately 0.3% of the value moved. For example, if your goods are worth £50,000, their insurance will cost you around £26 including tax.

How is this move organized? 

For this service, the commercial movers company provides a greater contribution than for the economic service since the mover is responsible for packing the fragile items and dismantling (and reassembling) the furniture that requires it. It can even take place before the big day, depending on the quantity and quality of the objects to be packed, as well as the number of furniture to be dismantled.

If a move of 20 cubic meters can be done in one day, a volume to be moved of 40 cubic meters requires two days of work. In this case, the team of movers , in charge of the service, arrives the day before, or a few days before the big day, in order to pack the fragile items and dismantle the furniture. It is even possible that the movers split the move over two days: either the loading and delivery of part of the goods on the first day and the rest the next day, or the packing, dismantling and loading of the truck on the first day. day and delivery on the second.

These estimates vary depending on the technical needs of your move: provision of a furniture lift, difficult access, absence of elevator or unusable, etc.


The organization of a national move in standard category is similar to that of an urban move, except that, in all cases, the movers load your furniture in one go.

If access to your departure address is simple, the company can load up to 60 cubic meters in a day. If they are more complicated, loading can be done over 2 days.

With a special move (direct) the delivery of your belongings will be the next day, or the day after depending on the distance between the two addresses.

If you opt for an organized move (groupage), delivery can be made a few days after loading the truck, and it is the company which sets the date according to its movements.

Many Removals Birmingham have their own vans and trucks that they can use to help you move. Just let them know what you need to move and when you need them to come by! 


The customer participates partially in his move , he must take charge of packing and unpacking all non-fragile objects, namely: books, CDs and DVDs, linen, non-fragile kitchen utensils and toys.

There are small offices, office floors, and entire office buildings. Planning is essential when moving an office. The amount of goods being moved, the distance from A to B, and the desired services play a decisive role in the price of office moves.

Here is what the mover must do as part of this service:

Hanging clothes on hangers

Packing and unpacking fragile items: glasses, plates, paintings, mirrors, trinkets…

Dismantling and reassembling furniture if necessary

Protecting furniture with fleece blankets

Distribution of furniture in the new residence.

Preparing for the comfortable move

First of all, the customer must respect his commitments and when the house removals birmingham, all non-fragile objects must be in the boxes. A few days before your moving date , you will be delivered the supplies necessary for your contribution to packing as part of this service. You will have to fill the boxes with all your non-fragile objects, taking care not to load them too much or too little and by distributing the weight of their contents, so that their handling is easier. 

As for the packaging of the fragile items for which the company is responsible , if your move is of medium size (20 to 25 cubic meters), it will be done the same day. However, it is possible that a packer will show up the day before the move in order to do some preparation which will lighten the work the next day and which will allow his colleagues to concentrate on transporting the furniture. Regardless, if you have a lot of fragile items, the mover will send a packer a day or two before your moving date. 

Removals Birmingham  provide walk up moving services.

It doesn’t matter how many stairs you have–I Removals Birmingham will be happy to help you move in or out of a walk up. Just let them know what kind of furniture you’re working with and if they need to bring any special tools. 

Life happens, if you’re in a tight spot and need to move out quickly, Taskers are always around to help. Feel free to get in touch with Taskers for same-day moving services!

The advantages of a standard move

Around 70% of Birmingham people choose to entrust the most technical and difficult operations to movers. This intermediate service, between economical and turnkey, has the advantage of allowing the customer to relieve themselves of all the sensitive tasks of their move.

In summary, the organization of the move in the standard category depends on the volume , the quantity of objects to be packed, the number of furniture to be dismantled and the access to your residences. It also depends on the working technique of the company providing the service.

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