What features does the iPhone 14 have?

Apple Iphone 14 Features

What features does the iPhone 14 have?

The iPhone 14 is still a few months away, but we already know most of the features it will have. The biggest thing you need to know is that the iPhone 14 will be available in four different models. So if you want something small and stylish or something big with tons of power, there’s an option for you!

The iPhone 14 will be available in four different models.

The iPhone 14 will be available in four different models.

  • There will be two versions of the phone in two sizes: one with a 4-inch screen, and another with a 6-inch screen.
  • The 4-inch model will come in either black or white; the 6-inch version comes in black.
  • Both versions have 64 GB of storage, but if you want more space than that, along with an increased price point for your device (the base price for this model is $999), you can opt for 128 GB or 256 GB on every model except the smallest one.

The iPhone 14 might have a better camera.

If you’re a big fan of taking photos and videos, then this is good news for you! The Apple iPhone 14 will likely feature an upgraded camera, which means better quality photos and videos as well as enhanced augmented reality capabilities. It also means that selfie lovers will be able to take sharper pictures with their front-facing camera thanks to its advanced low light performance. Plus, portrait mode (which allows users to blur the background on portraits) should be even more impressive than it is now thanks to the larger aperture on the new model’s lens.

The iPhone 14 will have a wider range of colors.

Iphone 14 Colors

The iPhone 14 is the most advanced Apple device to date. It will have a wider range of colors, and it will be available in four different models:

  • 3G model (with 3G capabilities)
  • 4G model (with 4G capabilities)
  • 5G model (with 5G capabilities)
  • 6G plus model (with 6G plus capabilities). This one has been rumored to be coming out soon!

The iPhone 14 could have improved battery life.

The iPhone 14 could have improved battery life.

A larger screen means a bigger battery, and the iPhone’s new charging system would make it possible to charge the phone up quickly.

The iPhone 14 may have a more durable screen and better water resistance.

You may have heard that the iPhone14 has a more durable screen, but what does that mean? It’s a little technical, but basically, the screen is made of glass instead of plastic. Glass is more durable than plastic because it can withstand more pressure and heat before breaking. These features make the phone more resistant to damage if you drop it or it falls off a table or chair.

There are also rumors that Apple plans to improve its water resistance on future models. When you think about how much time we spend near pools and beaches (and even just watering our plants), this is important! A phone with better water resistance means that even if you forget your case on vacation, there won’t be any damage when your friend tries to take pictures with their phone while they’re in the pool with you.

The iPhone 14 could have tons of great new features!

The iPhone 14 could have tons of great new features!

Apple is known for innovation, and it’s likely that the device will include a number of new features. But we won’t know what they are until the company reveals them officially. Still, there are some rumors circulating about what this phone might bring to the table.

For example, one report says that Apple plans on removing the home button from its devices in 2020 because it wouldn’t need it any longer (thanks to Face ID). The same article suggests that Express Cards may be coming back (since there would be no room for one on an iPhone without a home button), which could mean more storage space for users. That would be cool!


The iPhone 14 is the new flagship model of Apple’s smart phone lineup. It features a larger screen than its predecessor, but still retains the same thin profile. The device offers upgrades across the board with boosts in speed, storage capacity and camera power.


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