Will Smith and Chris rock the Oscars 2022 youtube video?


Will Smith and Chris rock the Oscars 2022 youtube video?

The Academy Awards are a prestigious ceremony that recognises the best of film, but it has been criticised recently for its lack of diversity. In 2018, all 20 nominated actors were white, and this year’s nominations have been branded the whitest in history. The move to change the make-up of the Academy’s membership comes after calls for action from actors, including Idris Elba and Chris Rock, about an industry which does not reflect the diversity on-screen or off it.

Chris Rock jokes about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith boycotting the Oscars in 2015.

If you’re wondering why the Oscars are so important, it’s because they’re one of Hollywood’s most prestigious  awards ceremonies. If you win an Oscar, people will know that your work is worthy of an award—and it’ll also help boost your career. Everyone wants to win an Oscar, but only a few actors do.

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith boycotted the Oscars in 2015 because they said there were no black nominees for any acting categories that year, even though there were plenty of talented black actors in Hollywood then. Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith boycotting the Oscars in 2015 during his opening monologue:


will smith and Chris rock is considering hosting next year’s Oscars

The Oscars’ two-year search for a new host is over. Instead, the producers are considering using Will Smith and Chris Rock as hosts for next year’s ceremony.

The Academy confirmed earlier this month that they are looking to replace Kevin Hart after the comedian stepped down in December following controversy over his anti-gay tweets from 2010.

Now sources had told Variety that Smith and Rock are “very much in play” as potential replacements for Hart. He hosted the 2019 show but pulled out amid criticism for homophobic comments he made on Twitter years earlier when he was younger and less famous.

they are showing they are very diverse in their friend group

It’s also important to note that Chris Rock and Will Smith are hanging out with two men of colour, Ed Lee and Dennis Hof.

There is a lot of talk about how diverse Hollywood is, but it’s not as diverse as we think. For example, if Chris Rock were to host the Oscars with a white friend in 2022, it would be seen as too progressive and not make sense for people who still think racism is dead. However, by bringing in two men of colour who might have different experiences than him (especially when it comes to being black), he can show that he understands what it means to be racially diverse without being judged by his peers or fans.

they are hanging out with ed lee and Dennis hof together

The duo has been hanging out with Ed Lee and Dennis Hof, two of Hollywood’s most diverse figures. While Lee is a respected businessman who owns San Francisco’s PABLO restaurant, Hof is an elected politician and pimp who owns two legal brothels in Nevada. They make for an unlikely couple, but it’s clear that Smith and Rock have good taste in friends.

I think it should be noted that this post is entirely about Chris Rock and Will Smith “being bros” rather than any mention of them being alleged serial killers or anything else like that (though I am sure people will continue to speculate).

this is a good thing for them to do, as Chris Rock has hosted the Oscars before, but with a white friend, it will be more diverse

This is a good thing for them, as Chris Rock has hosted the Oscars before, but with a white friend, it will be more diverse. Will Smith and Chris Rock are well-respected in the same industry and have worked together on multiple projects. This means they can make each other laugh very well, which is essential when hosting an award show that lasts 3 hours.

They both have enjoyed great success in their careers as actors, and stand-up comedians and both have many friends who work in the entertainment industry too! It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved because everyone likes having fun at parties, so don’t forget those snacks!! 


The Oscars have been a staple of Hollywood for 90 years. The Academy Awards are one of the most prestigious awards each year, and they were created to honour excellence in film. In 2018, with the inclusion of social media, the winners will be announced on Twitter before the televised event starts. This announcement is expected to happen at 10:22 pm Eastern Time (ET) when most people worldwide will see it because that’s when America goes to bed.


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