Will Squid Game have a season 2?

Will Squid Game have a season 2?


I am writing this article to examine the possibility of a second season for Squid Game.

Section: Squid Game was one of the most popular shows of 2019, with over 100 million views on YouTube alone.

Section: The show’s popularity comes from its unique premise and characters. It tells the story of Kit and her friends trying to escape the clutches of their captor, Mr. O’Neil, while navigating life as teenagers in high school. The show’s writers have been tight-lipped about whether or not there will be a second season; however, several clues suggest one may be in production right now! 

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Will Squid Game have a season 2?
Will Squid Game have a season 2?

Squid Game Season 2

If you’re wondering whether Squid Game will have season 2, we’ve good news: it’s possible. However, the show’s creator has not yet revealed any plans for a sequel.

In terms of when Squid Game Season 2 might be released, there are no concrete answers yet. However, based on what we know about Netflix’s recent releases and their planned production schedules for 2020 and 2021, it seems likely that we’ll have to wait until 2022 before seeing more Squid Game content (whether in the form of one or more seasons).

Squid Game has a season 1, so there’s a chance they will have a season 2

Given the success of season 1 and the cliffhanger ending, Squid Game may have a season 2. The second series could be a chance for the writers to tie up some loose ends from season 1. For example, viewers may want to know more about Aiko’s father or what happened between Ryuuji and Megumi. It could also be an opportunity for more plot twists that keep viewers guessing until the end!

If you have any questions about whether or not Squid Game is worth watching or if you would like recommendations on other anime shows similar to it (which might give you insight into what type of content can be expected in future episodes), please feel free to post them below this article!


The squid game is Netflix’s most-watched show, with a whopping 75 million subscribers.

The Squid Game is a Netflix series released in early 2019, with 75 million subscribers. The show is an anthology of eight episodes, each with its plotline and cast of characters. Each episode focuses on a different genre or style; comedy, drama, mystery, or thriller are all represented within its run time. Although the show has been criticized for being too ambitious in its storytelling and lacking substance in some areas of its writing, it remains popular among viewers who enjoy shows with diverse casts and creative approaches to storytelling.

In season 2, the characters experience more building drama and new obstacles.

In season 2, the characters experience more building drama and new obstacles. As for what these obstacles are, you’ll have to watch and find out!

In addition to more building drama and new obstacles (which we’ll get into more in-depth below), Squid Game Season 2 will also feature an entirely different cast of characters than before. This means that while fans of the first season may recognize some familiar faces returning in minor roles or cameos, you’ll still have plenty of time to meet all the new faces who will be joining our cast in their quest for domination over their land!

Season 2 will introduce original content, such as a new love triangle.

The second season will introduce new characters, like a mermaid from the Pacific Ocean, and bring back some old favorites. In addition, a new love triangle will feature Red, Purple, and Yellow (the trio’s nickname for their beloved Squid). The plot is said to play out across multiple continents in an attempt to find a way for Squid to return home.

The obstacles that stand in the way of this goal are also rumored to include a band of pirates armed with cannons as well as an army of robots that can fly into space; it’s unclear whether or not these dangers will be overcome before or after Squid can reunite with his family.

We can’t wait!

There’s a second season of Squid Game coming to Netflix in 2018

The second season of Squid Game is coming to Netflix in 2018!

The new season will be longer than the first and include new characters and challenges. The show will also include more original content from its creators, who have been working on it for over three years.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only show released by Netflix in that time frame; other shows set to be released this year include Sex Education (starring Asa Butterfield) and The Society (starring Ben Robson).


The Squid Game is a great show and has a lot of potential for another season. However, there are many factors to consider before deciding whether or not to renew it. First, the ratings were solid but not spectacular; the show was revived in its first season, so that’s good news. And while most shows get canceled after one season (as only 35% of TV shows make it past two seasons), they usually don’t get renewed until at least their second year. So if you’re looking forward to more episodes next year, there’s reason enough to believe they’ll come through!

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