Is Kanye West Donda 2 on Spotify?

Is Kanye West Donda 2 on Spotify?


Donda 2 is finally here. The rapper’s latest album, Donda 2, was originally set for release in 2019 but has been pushed back multiple times. However, it’s finally coming out today (June 24). If you’ve been waiting to hear this album from Kanye West and want to stream it on Spotify or download it on Apple Music, we’ve got all the details below!

Kanye West’s Donda 2 is now available to stream on Spotify.

Kanye West’s Donda 2 is now available to stream on Spotify. The rapper’s latest album, dropped just last month, features guest verses by Travis Scott and Ty Dolla Sign. It’s also a 10-track collection that was originally set for release in 2019 but arrived a bit early thanks to Kanye wanting his fans to hear it as soon as possible.

In an interview with W Magazine earlier this year, Kanye said he plans on “spending more time” making music than he did during his last tour—which means we can expect even more from him in the future!

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Donda 2 is the rapper’s latest album.

Donda 2 is the rapper’s eighth studio album and the follow-up to Ye. It’s Kanye West‘s first album since 2016, when he released two weekly albums: The Life of Pablo and Cruel Winter.

Donda 2 is a shorter album than its predecessor, clocking in at only 11 tracks instead of Ye’s 23. However, in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Kanye expressed that he wanted to keep it concise so listeners could digest the message quickly.

Donda 2 is a 10-track album featuring Travis Scott and Ty Dolla Sign guest verses.

Donda 2 is a 10-track album featuring Travis Scott and Ty Dolla Sign guest verses. Kanye Wests follow-up to his debut album, The College Dropout, was released in 2004 under the GOOD Music label. The rapper has been heavily involved with fashion since then, and this was one of his earliest attempts at branching out into other areas of business—he even named his daughter North “Kardashian” West as a way of showing off how successful he had become.

Donda 2’s lead single, “Heartless,” was produced by Kanye himself alongside No ID. The song features an autotuned verse from Kid Cudi above some heavy drums and synths; Cudi also raps about how much he dislikes materialistic things like fancy cars and designer clothes (which probably explains why Donda 2 never made it onto Spotify).

Donda 2 was originally set for release in 2019.

According to Kanye West‘s Twitter, Donda 2 was originally released in 2019. That date was moved to 2020 but pushed back a few weeks later. The album has been delayed several times since then and has yet to be released.

In an interview with the Fader in February 2018, Kim Kardashian-West said her husband’s new album would be out by June. She also said he had recorded around 100 songs for the project at that point; however, she did not specify if this was more than one disc or if these were all intended for one disc (which seems unlikely).

In March 2019, Kanye tweeted, “Donda 2 is coming,” after sharing photos of him working on music with Jaden Smith and Kid Cudi at his home studio called “The Hideout,” which you can view here: https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/1109800232540404097.

Donda 2 is finally here.

Donda 2 is finally here.

After a year of waiting, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2016’s The Life of Pablo has arrived on streaming services and in retail stores worldwide. Kanye West fans have been eagerly awaiting this album for months—and now that it’s finally here, we can all head back to our day jobs with a smile on our faces.

The first track on Donda 2 is “Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2),” which features Teyana Taylor and Kid Cudi rapping over fast guitars and bass note that sound like an old keyboard is playing them, plugged into an amplifier from 1985 or so. The chorus repeats throughout the song: “You know what I mean? / All my niggas in jail / All my bitches go at me too /, But I’m free.” This setup establishes what kind of album we’re getting into and gives us some insight into Kanye’s mindset before he made it (or so things went). Of course, he was thinking about prison reform when making this album—the title track even includes an interpolation from activist Dr. Angela Davis’ speech about feminism and black liberation movements in America during the 1960s—but where does all this lead?


I think it’s safe to say that Kanye West has a lot going on right now. He released his album Ye and has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But what about Donda 2? The album was supposed to be released in December 2012 but hasn’t come out yet! People are wondering if it will ever come out at all.

So, is there any hope for fans who want to hear this record? Will Spotify finally add Donda 2? I have some good news! Yes, there is hope! While we don’t know when the album will finally be available on streaming services, we do know that it will happen eventually because Kanye has confirmed there will be more than just Tidal exclusivity with this release (which explains why he isn’t rushing things). Plus, if you’re wondering about other ways to listen to Donda 2, keep reading because we’ve covered everything from YouTube embeds and free downloads from torrent sites! Now let’s get started…

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